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I’m canvassing opinion on possibly re-releasing some (or all) of the ‘One Chance Series’ Member videos from 2012-14. Now, when these were made they were given the title ‘One Chance’ because I wanted people to take the release seriously at the time, and I really didn’t expect to make them available again. Most of them did pretty well and I was content in that decision. However, it was 8+ years ago and I know from emails I’ve received in the years since that people who found us after 2014 have missed out on them. My attitude was always a bit “bad luck” because I wanted to stay true to the ideal that you only had one chance to get them, however tough that stance seemed.

Things in the last 9 months have softened this a bit. Mostly because I’m running out of new videos and am unsure when I can film again. I’m optimistic with the vaccinations taking place that we will be allowed to film in March or April, which would just about save my bacon with fast turnaround. I must be mindful though, that everyone I work with is under 35 and won’t get the vaccine for themselves until probably much later, so that may still limit my options for a while, I don’t know.

I’d be interested to hear opinions on doing these re-releases. If you already own the videos they wouldn’t be replacing a new release, just buying time. There would be NO member gift attached to these re-releases as that isn’t fair on people who bought them in the past. If you didn’t get them first time, and want them, do you know which one’s would be of most interest? I’m highly unlikely to release all in one go. I’ve got videos of: Angel, Athena, Bluebird, Celestia, Miss Freedom, Lady Victory, and Shadowstar. A VERY classic line-up. We shot 17 of them.

I genuinely dislike saying one thing and doing another, but I’m prepared to ignore that on the basis that when I made the videos it was 7-9 years ago, and I could not have foreseen a situation where I wouldn’t actually be allowed to film. Choosing not to is one thing I could anticipate, but being barred from it wasn’t. Let me know your thoughts if you have any. I will try to answer as many as I can over the weekend or until comments die out.


  • I’d be very interested in the Bluebird and Celestia videos.
    (no surprises there, eh?)
    As for the should they/shouldn’t they get re-released that’s ultimately up to you and the people that supported them first time around.

  • I was huge fan of Athena when she was with us (but I guess I got all only for members videos, luckly)… But I think those who like any of ‘olders’ heroine and joinded too late – they are in really bad situation. And after so many years you can give them second chance.
    And since you are doing really great videos, I wouldnt want heard that you had to close business because of covid. So if it may give you more time and some add – I’m for it.

  • I would love shadowstar, Athena and celestia. The first 2 is a must because we have not seen them in years!! Celestia is great in everything! Thats my opinion.

  • I got 1 of the releases at the time. It was with miss freedom and Celestia!! I believe I missed all of the shadowstar ones. If I had known about those I would have at least one of them.

  • Andrew, small idea 😀 Add nick person to which you are writting, because I see on the end 4 your messages in a row and I have no idea to who is which, except that one with “Rob”. And Rob wrote as a first person, in your messages that one is third- so you dont answer in order ;P

  • Hi Andrew,
    Yes I missed them first time ’round; I got into NGC in 2017 (I wish I’d been with you from the start!).

  • Speaking as someone who has all of the MO videos (I think, I’d love to discover that I don’t) I think it’s both practical and ethical to release them now. The ethics are easy, I think, because the current circumstances are unprecedented, unforeseeable, and protracted. It’s hardly like rereleasing these “one chance” videos is being considered on a whim or a thin pretext. Practically speaking, making them available can provide a bridge between now and when fresh productions are available as well as making new content available to customers who weren’t able to get them the first time and would otherwise have to wait for that fresh content. Also, related to the first point, making these videos available again doesn’t do much damage to the credibility of the “one chance” commitment offered earlier (IMO), because the circumstances are so unique.
    From my own perspective, making those videos available doesn’t take anything from me. I still have them and have for 6-8 years now, the benefit of jumping at the initial chance. Also, I’ve recommended a couple of these videos to others (the Shadowstar/Sleeper video is amazing!) without remembering that they couldn’t be acquired, and I’ll do so again if they become available again.

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Dr – Thanks that is a useful input. I’ll probably do it the way things are going. But it won’t be very soon, because I’ve still got a lot of fun stuff planned this month.

  • I’m very interested in all of these videos, but especially the videos of Athena and Bluebird. I hope you can re-release them 🙂

  • Justin Guitard says:

    In my opinion it would be nice to have those released cause i found u guys a few years ago in i think 2017 where someone on Youtube posted a Starshot video where she took on Alaric and that ended up being my first purchase but 6 months after I saw that video I watched a video with Angel that wasn’t available for purchase on the website and the athena one 2 months after. So it would be cool to have at least a chance to get one or if not all of them that were one around for a limited time. But if even u still do filming if things go they way u hope they go, can they still be re-released????

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Justin – Oh I’m sure that Starshot video on YouTube was authorized by me! One of the rare occasions a pirate might help me out.

  • I would be interested in ANYTHING where someone is wearing your Supergirl Cosutume. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in this genre, and I will take all I can get. I was DEVASTATED that I missed out on the behind the scenes video of Celeste in the Supergirl outfit by mere hours. I’d still be willing to give a lot for that free gift!

  • I have all the Athena MO vids and think everyone should have the opportunity to see those. I’d love to see any celestia and shadowstar ones I may have missed.

  • I got most of these first time around, but have no problem with them being re-released – especially under the circumstances.

  • The Celestia one time video is probably one of the best videos I’ve ever seen anywhere,if you missed that one BELIEVE ME you want it.

  • I think I commissioned one of these; and I would certainly say yes, go ahead. There must be a lot of people who’ve discovered you after 2014, and have never had the chance to see these films; and it doesn’t take anything away from people who’ve already bought them.

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @James – Thanks, I will ensure there are no extra benefits so people who bought originally aren’t stiffed in any way.

  • Do you have any with Angel and/or Lady Victory ? With the pandemic wrecking havoc, I think NGC’s survival is important so that any unreleased material would be great !

  • I remember i actually got a “one chance” Antena vid recently because i hadn’t deleted that email and it was geat. I’m all in for customer convenience and i guess people who fell in oove woth the series in recent years deserve to see these videos too (specially if they feature heroines no longer avaible). And honestly i quite dislike the “one chance” or “early bird” kind of bonuses, i customers just feel baited or tricked into buying something they may not completely like just because it’s limited. Good business in the short term but may sour those who missed it. So i say go for it, re release them!

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Maf – Thanks for the input, yes I’m coming around to the idea after this amount of time. I’m not baiting anyone so I completely disagree about that. All of these people are adults who can make their own decisions. It’s a gift and yes, it is designed to remind most people to buy early. There are new videos out almost every day in this genre and although there is room for everyone the investment has been made and some releases can get lost in the general noise. You need the first weekend of a release to be successful or it’s all in the toilet. I will say where this conversation relates to that is I regularly get emails from people who want me to bend the rules, but I don’t, because that would make me a liar. And that frankly is holding me back from re-releasing these clips.

  • I’ve been a steady (and appreciative) customer since close to, if not quite from the beginning (I think “Angel’s Ordeal” was the first to catch my eye), but I have a fairly comprehensive collection and personally I have no problem at all if you want to pull some years-old material out for general release.

    Even without considering the challenging economic situation, I’d think it’s fair game to re-issue something out of the archives after a suitable period of years has passed.

    And nothing’s forever with the comics anyhow, heh. Even if you want to re-cast some of the roles for actors who have moved along, say if you found what you feel is a suitably close ‘match’ when there’s no chance of getting the original actress back.

    Good luck to you (and all) getting through.

    • @Phil – Sorry mate, but it always states on the email ’48 hours from receiving this email’. You could receive the email at 3am, 1pm, 8pm, whatever, you get 48 hours.

  • I wrote you once asking to buy a “One chance” video few days after the offer closed and you did not wanted to sell it to me, faithful to your word. In my perspective, not only the circumstances are extraordinary, but ultimately you own your products and you have the right to do with them whatever you want to do. I would certainly buy a few “once chance only”, as long as they have Lady Victory on them –huge fan!

  • Anon E Mouse says:

    Have you ever considered a subscription model like the WWE Network, where I pay a fee each month to unlock every video in the library? Is there any way that could be profitable for you?

    • No, I wouldn’t consider that I’m afraid. Subscription models completely change the dynamic of producer and customer relations. The way to survive is to try and make videos people want to buy, that’s it.

  • As someone who didn’t get here until much later than 2014, I don’t even know what the One Chance videos are, but would be super grateful to see them re-released. That being said, I understand how you would feel it goes against principle to release them again after refusing to do so and keeping your word that you would not. I guess all I can suggest is that these are pretty extreme circumstances, so in my opinion, anything that can help keep you guys afloat is worth it. Just my two cents, Happy New Year.

  • Echo419Alpha says:

    I can’t remember if I bought all the “One time vids” or not, but you know me I’m a Huge fan of Angel, Athena, Miss Freedom, Celestia and Shadowstar, so id probably rebuy them anyway (especially since I have “misplaced” some of my purchases over the years….)

  • Yes, there are videos of Bluebird, Athena, Angel, Shadowstar, and Miss Freedom that I would love to have had chance to purchase. Unfortunately I didn’t know about this site before 2014.

  • If its not too late, I’d like to have the one where Celestia’s staff stops working.
    I think that was the one that introduced the character of Alaric.

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