Mighty Heroines of Destiny – 1st Previews

Elite Force are always looking for new ways to improve PR, and when Michael Sampson is given the chance to give two of the heroines their own crime-fighting TV show, he jumps at the chance! Unfortunately, nobody checked the contracts, and it seems that creative control is in the hands of ace reporter turned TV Director Mandy Divine. Uh-oh!


  • More Majesty is always a good news!
    But also, there are plans for some change? She is often with Spectrum (I dont like her too much), so I actually pays for half of content which interest me- Majesty part… Maybe solo adventure or another team up? Sonica, Erica….? For example?

  • I can’t help but feel Miss Freedom and Majesty would make excellent opponents… maybe in the ring or perhaps with some brainwashing involved? Either way, they call out to face one another.

  • I know I’ve asked before, but is Spectrum going to be available for customs any time soon or will there be an announcement? Really interested in one with her 🙂

    • Not at the moment. I may announce when customs are more freely available than right now and I usually list who is included.

  • I called it! Majesty IS next!
    …feel like maybe I qualify for a free movie?……maybe I’m not that special. =)
    Anyway, VERY happy to see both Majesty and Spectrum.
    I think these two will make for a very successful team….TO GET POUNDED!
    Let the pummeling begin!

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