Mind Prison – TRAILER

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… Lady X gets into serious peril as Dreadbringer pulls her into a ‘Mind Prison’, leaving her in two helpless states for him and his illusions to toy with. Can she find a way to break his control?


  • This is one of those actresses I wish I could see in 15 different costumes. She can act and is euqally good selling a beatdown as she is delivering it. While also having the body of a greek goddess!

    Wouldn’t mind some more action cosplay outings with her

    • I agree with all that

      But the Lady X costume is still my all-time favourite NGC costume… so that’s still the one I most want to see her in

      • Yeah I understand the feeling. When you get an actress and costume combo you really enjoy you would buy even the smallest photoset just to have more of it since you know it´s finite! And feel any experimentation with costume swaps (or if they re-desing her costume) is a complete waste because for you it has already hit the nail in the head ^^

        • I don’t know how badly this will hurt seeing a character in their main costume, but it certainly would have helped to have this option over the past 6 months. An example: Due to annoying bullshit, we only have 5 heroines available. This means in 6 months for example, we have to make 6 Lady X videos as Lady X. People who LOVE that would buy all 6, but people less enthused would buy maybe 3 in that time, when if it had been spread over 12-18 months, would have bought 5. BUT if we had a full roster, she’d only be in 3, maybe 4, which most people would have got, and then you extrapolate that theory across all characters and every video did better.

          In a way we are just trying to counteract this situation from being a problem again. Costume swap will mean we can see some interesting things we haven’t seen before, and introduce new people in an interesting way. I can’t see it being more than say 10 videos a year across the board, I would be surprised if it were that many.

          • I should clarify that I would still love to see her in videos in other costumes. I was instantly sold on this actress within the first minute of her appearance in her debut video, when she was wearing the Power Girl costume, and have loved her in every costume she’s worn in photo-sets.
            Just because it’s my favourite costume doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a bit of variety.
            Same with the other actresses

    • Yes, I hope that happens too. The intellectual midgets passing for ‘leaders’ these days is appalling. We’re having an election in the UK in a couple of weeks, so it is wall-to-wall coverage of morons.

      • I actually meant at the start of July. Unfortunately, I was not being metaphorical. I must literally watch my shillings for the next couple of weeks to be sure of having enough for regular meals, a habit of which I have grown fond. Then, unwise as it may be to spend discretionary funds just at the start of a pay period, I plan to get this release and the last release with Solaris. They both look to be a lot of fun.
        This is not a forum for political views, but since you threw one in here I thought I would respond, especially since this is now an old post and I probably won’t be wasting anyone’s time. I first went to look for some Mark Twain witticism that would make me look marvelously clever, but I couldn’t find a suitable one which was authentic, so it will just have to be my own words. You seem to be referencing the inflation which is eating away at the resources of myself and everybody else, be they prosperous or just getting by; and yes, that has me really rethinking what I am doing with my remaining working career, as in “will the pension that I am working for be worth anything when I get it?” As to the political season, I an only ask you to sympathise with us (in the US), who are facing an election for our national leader between two men who are quite literally octogenarians. From afar, your choice seems somewhat similar, that is, between a career politician who has made an art of saying things without saying anything, representing the conservative establishment party, and a somewhat self-made billionaire (with a lot of help from collecting a huge inheritance), who represents a party of entrenched wealth combined with people who would like some limits to immigration. In a way, I envy your choices, because you don’t actually vote for the leader, just your local MP. What if labour wins as expected, but the folks up in Pancras and St Holburn decide they want Andrew Feinstein? That would throw a monkey wrench into a lot of plans and ambitions, and would stir things up in a true democratic fashion. That sort of chaotic result seems more possible with your system than ours. Also, again, your choices are people at the latter stage of their working prime; ours are at an age when most people are in the Sunnyshade rest home.

        • It isn’t a perfect system, if you live in a safe seat constituency your vote is practically meaningless, I guess if you vote Republican in California or Democrat in Alabama that is also true. Labour might get total control with only 35% of the popular vote on a very low turnout at that. It is not great. Anyway, I’m more concerned about the quality of the people and the dumb decisions they make rather than the system of voting. Sorry to hear it is a struggle for you right now.

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