Multiverse Mutations – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… ‘Multiverse Mutations’ is a follow-up (of sorts) to the very popular ‘On Guard’ starring Deceptress and Requiem, where Requiem visited 1000 alternate universes to get hold of a large Redstone. This video posits the idea that each time Requiem moved to another universe, she replicated herself, and her quest continued. If it did, the heroine facing her might also replicate, and mutate, into something else. Something to ponder…

This is also a video where Requiem and Lady X fight to the death many times and Lady X changes costume a lot.


  • Was pumped for this until I found out it’s death focused. To each their own, but for me, death brings an unnecessarily disturbing bent to the proceedings.

    • Ya same here man, I’m sure it will be great for whoever likes that stuff tho but just not for me excited to see how other people like it tho👍

  • Picture 2 is such an unrealistic pose…….and I love it! There’s just something about seeing a defeated heroine knocked out, legs crossed over and laid out flat on her back that just sends me. Their curves get accentuated so much when in that pose. Solaris hit one too in the previous video and I kept on replaying that part over and over again.

  • Lady X is just the best. She really seems to be up for anything like some of the greatest of the classic crew. Cant wait for this

  • I was sold on this already when I saw the most beautiful Lady X as Deceptress and now I see her flawless legs are debooted again… Can I just give you the money for this now please? Just can’t wait!

  • Definitely looking forward to this one. Finally get some death endings…and I love the scenario you have in place here where the ladies get to fight a bunch of times. You even get to see Lady X in various outfits getting annihilated. Sounds amazing, lol. Should become a regular series starring Requiem, but featuring a different actress/character for her to fight (destroy) each time. Allows you to get a little crazy with the endings while not actually affecting anything because none of it is really “our” Lady X or (insert heroine’s name here). It’s basically all non-canon in a way.

    It’s funny, I actually dislike a few of the things mentioned above, but it might not even matter in a vid like this. Debootings? I hate them, but who cares when you have multiple scenarios and outfits in place? Debooting fans will enjoy that sequence while I will enjoy other ones. Even the KO pose that Darkwrath mentioned in pic 2. Not personally a fan of that type of pose (I am stupid anal about KO poses, lol), but each fight will end in a different pose so it doesn’t really matter.

    Either way, should be a good one.

  • Normally not a fan of death in my heroine ryona/damsel content because it’s a permanent closure, but seeing as this is a multiverse scenario then it’s got a twist to it that makes it fairly dark and practically never-ending.

  • The return of a great villain and a refreshing take on the narrative with one of my favorite heroes. As long as the ending isn’t too grim, I’m very VERY excited to see where this goes!

  • Comment just for balance. Love the death endings. For this franchise it can only be done in a multiverse situation or in a what could have happened if things gone horribly wrong or when a heroine is never returning. Loved the first one in the multiverse so this one with X is going to be good.
    For me next to the vtv dangerroom this should be a recurring theme and welcome addition.

  • I am so looking forward to another Lady X adventure. I can find no flaw in this beautiful woman and I suspect when the video description mentions many deaths, poor Lady X is on the receiving end of most if not all of them. I am anxiously awaiting this Friday when Requiem takes our lovely heroine apart, again and again.

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