Multiverse Mutations – Final Previews

Out already for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Lady X is pulled into the multiverse as Requiem searches desperately for the Redstone that will allow her out of this personal hell. It will be hell for Lady X too however, as she at first believes herself to be Deceptress as a strange change takes hold. Worse still, Requiem takes no prisoners and Lady X is broken brutally over and over again!


  • Wow! I’ve said it before, but the Lady X actress is an insanely good performer! Both with the physical action (a couple of awesome little somersaults in there as she got thrown to the ground that looked so good) and with the acting side (most notably the moment of confusion as she can’t recall whether she’s Deceptress or Lady…something. Or the more humourous moment of joy when she sees the redstone.) Her line delivery is always amazing and so full of personality.

    Requiem was also fantastic throughout. She was presented almost as the protagonist, and she had a lot to get her teeth into, with Requiem getting more desperate as the video went on, and the actress really ran with it. I think this certainly has to be her best performance yet!

    OK. I haven’t been quiet about the fact that I don’t like it when heroines get bootless… but this is one of those rare occasions where even I thought it added something to the video, showing Deceptress slowly transform into Lady X.
    Though, I guess the wooden floor at that location mustn’t be as much of a splinter-hazard as it looks… because “ouch”

    And that ending was really cool πŸ˜€

    The photo-set is definitely not to be missed. Lots of gorgeous shots of Lady X in the Deceptress suit (including some “comfy chair” shots πŸ˜€ ), and some great action

  • Lady X is the perfect heroine action peril actress. Beautiful, athletic, her acting game for selling action and emotions is A+, choreography on point. And this video has some dark implications, with something of a mystery ending that I hope gets a follow up one day.

  • Superb – just absolutely a masterpiece that is in the top echelon of what you’ve done! Lady X is an incredible performer, particularly on the physical side of things in terms of how she moves and how she reacts to the fighting action. She has a unique combination of flexibility, muscularity and movement that is very rare, indeed. Not traditional at all.

    I’m wagering that she has substantial experience in Dance – can you confirm? Because the way she moves is something to behold, both elegant and powerful.

    • I also have similar thoughts on the Lady X actress. She has the grace of a dancer just in the way she stands and walks let alone the way she performs action moves. Which brings me to my next point…

      She seems to be extremely well trained in stage combat. The way she was sprawling out onto the hard floor in this vid was amazing to see.

      3:25: Flops forward onto her face and doesn’t even use her hands to brace herself.
      5:19: Falls onto her back in a supine position without bashing her head. Also probably one of my favorite KO poses of all time. The way she lets her legs flop back down was perfection.
      5:23: Falls backwards and does a complete back somersault onto her chest…all without the use of her hands.
      8:32: Does a forward flip onto her back without the use of her hands.

      She is doing these types of sprawls that you would usually only see in a wrestling ring or some type of mat room. NGC wouldn’t allow some novice to go doing these types of sprawls onto a hard surface like this unless he had confidence in her abilities.

      I think one of the things they teach you in stage combat is how to fall without hurting yourself. It seems she has mastered this ability, lol.

      Also, Requiem is awesome. Keep bringing her back to annihilate more heroines in this multiverse type scenario. Ubiquity looks like a prime candidate for multiversal destruction.

      • I agree completely. I think her physique is the biggest tell of the advanced Dance training – she is clearly well muscled but not in the type of way that weight training or other modalities develop it. And she’s obviously advanced in stage fighting and while I don’t think she’s as serious of a martial artist as DejaVu was, Lady X is well skilled in that area as well. A very interesting profile and a great talent!

        But as this is all just speculation, I’d love to hear the real story from Andrew.

        • Well I’m not sure how full a story I can give, but she is fully stunt trained and does a lot of motion capture work. She’s been in a lot of video games as I understand it. Very talented.

    • Yes, a few people placing this one very highly, which is obviously nice having been our most recent video. We’re not really trying to do something more amazing every week, we just want every video to be good, and clearly people are happy with this one.

  • Nice nod to the real Deceptress at the beginning of the video. The story was a bit of a twist from the same scenario happening over and over with instead gradual changes happening. Both Lady X and Requiem were great in this one ! πŸ™‚

  • It’s hard not to replicate much of what has already been said. The actress portraying Lady X / Deceptress was incredible, just beyond magnificent in this video. Her pure beauty is a sight to behold, but when combined with awesome and elegant physicality AND tremendous acting capabilities, she is simply in a class by herself. What a magnificent find NGC has made in getting her into the Superheroine peril genre. The video itself was fantastic, with incredible action, great dialogue, and superb camerawork and choreography. I just cannot emphasize enough how fantastic this video is to watch. Kudos to all involved, and I anxiously await the next Outing with Lady X.

  • This was a very interesting story.
    I liked the juxtaposition of the clueless heroine who’s constantly changing, and the traveller is the only one actually knowing what’s going on.
    So does this video bring forth the precedence that Lady X is actually an evolution of The Deceptress?
    This video has also left me wondering how would Lady X’s hypnotism power would change, if she used it while in possession of The Redstone.
    ….so many questions…
    Anyway, another knockout production (pun intended =) )!
    Thanks for keeping it interesting, NGC.

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