New Shoots & Customs

We’ve been getting a lot of emails in the last week or so about customs and when we’ll be shooting again. This is fair enough as I’m aware you are from all over the world and don’t necessarily know the situation in London or the UK generally.

We are hopeful that filming will be possible again in about 2 months. If sooner, then great, but I won’t jump the gun on that. The UK has been one of the hardest hit countries by the virus, but it also seems to be vaccinating quicker than most too. We are taking government guidance seriously. The people we make videos with are all under 35, so a vaccine is still some way off for them, but once we are sure that they are unlikely to catch the virus at one of our shoots, AND even if they did, they couldn’t take it with them to an elderly relative and endanger that person’s life, then we’ll feel much happier about restarting.

At the end of the day these are just fun videos, and I don’t want anyone getting seriously ill because they worked with me, it isn’t worth it.

Regarding customs, well… let’s say that we start shooting on the 13th of April (2 months from now). I would need a full month to make whatever I had in mind to plug imminent gaps in the release schedule. Assuming that is possible, mid-May I could accept new customs. I should point out that we don’t make very many in a year anyway, and right now I don’t know who will be available, but I will make a very visible announcement when I am ready to do it. Don’t worry about missing it. It will be on here, social media, and the member email.

That’s about it for now. If you have any questions I will try to answer in the comments below this post. Unless it is a question I can’t answer, or don’t want to! 😉


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