Next Week: Photo Set Tuesday

It’s that time again… when we tell you what is coming NEXT TUESDAY! Shining Spirit gets in the Galaxia costume, Alias pulls on the Miss Freedom catsuit, while Miss Freedom herself is back in the SG costume as ‘Supremacy’ PLUS our blast from the past set is from 2017 – An all posed set starring Red Glory and Lucy Zillion! Make sure you are a signed up member before next Tuesday if you want these!


  • Wow! Shining Spirit is practically melting my computer monitor in that outfit!
    Seeing more of Alias in the MF catsuit is putting a smile on my face as big as hers.
    How amazing that there’s still some unreleased Miss Freedom. And looking very iconic as Supremacy.
    Hmm… Red Glory and Lucy Zillion? Would that be the one where the loser has to become a cheerleader for the winner? Any of that in the photo-set?
    Either way, awesome to get another set with both heroines 🙂

  • Please don´t make me choose who looks better in that costume, the Shinning Spirit actress or Astral Amazon one….toughest choice ever!!

    • I would hate to make that choice too, but what if LightStalker were to adorn this outfit then it would even be More Impossible to choose lol

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