Next Week: Photo Set Tuesday

Yes yes! It is back in a week’s time, and we’ve got not one but TWO new heroines for you (but we’re only showing you one right now). A new Bluebird battles a very familiar person, Majesty in the Angel costume gets a big surprise, Wonderstrike is back in action, AND Classic Miss Freedom in ‘Captivity’. This will be awesome. You’ve got to be a Member to get access to these sets, you can sign up at the bottom of this page!


  • Welcome aboard to the new heroines. She’s certainly rocking the Bluebird suit 🙂

    Oh wow! That Miss Freedom photo!!! 😮

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      Yeah, I remember those Miss F pictures from their initial offering! This one and “Ambushed” which was offered again a month ago were a definite high-point in Miss Freedom photosets.

  • The new heroine looks to be fetching, although there is as yet not enough information on which to make an informed evaluation. That is a fetching photo of Wonderstrike, though. That Angel costume doesn’t get enough use; all three actresses I have seen wearing it looked striking in it. And I may be in the minority about this, but I have always liked that bare hips costume of Miss Freedom, and have wanted to see many another actress in it.

  • wow, the new heroine looks fantastic in that Bluebird-costume. I hope she gets a unique one though, maybe in a bodysuit

  • Charlie Z. says:

    Same, second that other actresses should def give the bare-hip costume of Miss Freedom’s a try. Patriot-Girl I would suggest to be a great choice!

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