Next Week: Photo Set Tuesday

Ahh yes, it is that time again where we show you who is starring in Next WEEK’s Photo Set Tuesday! Majesty is back in the all red of Red Glory! Shining Spirit pulls on the purple of Comet Girl! Wonderstrike is happy enough in her own costume, and we delve into the past to a wonderful set starring Celestia & Athena! Sign up before next Tuesday is you aren’t yet a Member and want some of this!


  • Nice to see Majesty and Shining Spirit in the red and purple again. They look great in those costumes. And, of course, it’s always a pleasure to see Wonderstrike in her own duds. It’s a classic.

    Celestia and Athena? Interesting. I wasn’t aware they’d appeared together (other than in the season finales as part of a bigger ensemble)

  • 3 of my top favorite fight girls in this: Majesty, Shining Spirit and Wonderstrike. Celestia’s cool too of course. But my heart belongs to the aforementioned 3.

  • Majesty is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters, and this photoset is really taking that over the top for me.

    Also, I didn’t realize how much I miss Comet Girl’s outfit, looking forward to someone taking up the mantle soon…

    • Really hoping that the new Miracle Chick will also be the new Comet Girl (and unzip the catsuit in a similar fashion to her predecessor)!

      That teaser was fantastic but also torture – can’t wait to see new Miracle Chick get crushed by Chaotica and Nemesis/Heroine Crusher!

      • That would be a bad idea for Photo Set Tuesday’s because these will never be part of sales, and if you miss these sets next week, you probably won’t see them again until around 2028. If I get hit by a bus between now and then… never.

    • She was in a Championship video a month ago, generally I wouldn’t expect to use a character more frequently than every 2-3 months. It has happened before that they’ll have releases only a month apart, but that is a bit rare, or completing a 2-parter or something.

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