Next Week: Photo Set Tuesday

Next week (on Halloween) we’ve got more tremendous new photo sets for our wonderful Members. I’d like to say they are Halloween inspired but I didn’t plan that far ahead, except to say that some of the villains are certainly creepy! Bat-Alias, Classic Majesty, and Marvelette all star, with a splendid Deceptress re-release too! If you’re not a Member yet, sign up on this website before next Tuesday or you’ll not see these again for a long, long time.


    • Thank you for your confidence in me. The costume is fine for stills, not sure about a video. I can’t promise anything.

  • Dude! This might be the best line-up ever! Do you want my computer to melt?

    Also loving to see a new “bat themed” costume! Shadow Fox was amazing (with and without her cowl) and was played by my fav actress ever, but this new costume is certainly an improvement! Love the matching purple gloves and chest logo! And with the Alias actress wearing it no less!

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