Next Week: Photo Set Tuesday is back!

Yes, it’s time to tell you what is coming next week for PST. Solaris is in the Astral Amazon red and gold, Patriot-Girl is in the classic Miss Freedom costume, Captain Atom is revived, and the classic set is also classic Miss Freedom costume worn by… Miss Freedom! A whole lot of red, white and blue going on here, make sure to sign up as a Member before next Tuesday or you’ll miss these!


  • Charlie Z. says:

    Our Patriot-Girl actress is indeed gettin’ more and more gorgeous day by day! Hopefully she keeps her slimer figure and face which truely are out-of-this-world! And Solaris in that Astra-Amazon costume – perfectly illustrating such always splendid and that “royal” layer of hers! Totally wasn’t expecting this pair of perfect match between the person and her new costume, and would not expect any surpassing this one!

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