Next Week – Photo Set Tuesday RETURNS!

Yes yes, the best thing ever to happen to Tuesday’s will be back next week. And what is the second-best thing ever to happen to Tuesday’s? That’s right, telling you what is coming next Tuesday! We’ve got Majesty, Bella Victory, Shining Spirit in the Infinity Girl costume, and our blast from the past is a set starring Virtue and Lucy Zillion in different costumes! Make sure if you aren’t already a Member, to sign up on this site before next Tuesday if you want any of these.


  • Yeah baby! Bella is back!
    Man, next Tuesday can’t come fast enough.
    So let’s see, we’ve got “Bella Victory”, “Infinity Spirit”, “Athena Virtue” and…Majesty. =)
    Sounds like a stellar line-up. Can’t wait.
    Thanks NGC! -b

  • It’s amazing how good the Infinity Girl costume looks on anyone you put it on! Hard to tell if it’s a testament to your amazing casting or amazing costume choice!

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