Next Week: Photo Set Tuesday Returns

Yes yes it is on its way back around, and next week’s Photo Set Tuesday will not disappoint! Lightstalker as Marvelette! Patriot-Girl as WW! Infinity-Celestia! AND a delightful Spectrum set from her first Episode appearance! Make sure you are fully signed up before next Tuesday or be very disappointed.


  • Awww yes! 🙂
    I’m still in the middle of re-watching loads of Celestia videos, so it’s amazing to see another new set. And she’s absolutely killing it in the Infinity Girl suit.
    Always great to see that WW suit make a comeback. It photographs beautifully, and Patriot-Girl looks every inch a true Amazonian.
    Fantastic to see some more Lightstalker, and she’s a total badass in the Marvelette suit.
    And that Spectrum set has been right at the top of my must-have list for a loooooong time!!! 😀
    You make me happy

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