Next Week: Photo Set Tuesday Returns!

It’s that time of the week where we tell you who is lined up for this time of next week. Galaxia in the Virtue costume, Super-Bella, Classic Captain Liberty AND one of the best Heritage Sets of all-time, truly an All-Star Line-up of Spectrum, Infinity-Girl, Wonderstrike, Deceptress, Starshot, and Red Glory. It’s great. Make sure you are a Member before next Tuesday or you’ll miss all of these, and I can’t say when they’ll be back, if at all.


  • I got to say and i repeat as many times as it needs be: Galaxia is such a fantastic acquisition by this site. Bless the hearts of those who found her and decided to hire her to work here. Bless you all!

  • I’m floored. I literally thought no one else could pull off the Virtue costume the way the original Virtue did, but I’m afraid seeing Galaxia in the costume of purity is making me rethink my long-held belief. Man, what a goddess!!!

  • Cannot stop looking at this pic of Galaxia. She is just absolutely perfect. Her beauty and sexiness is just mesmerizing. I wish you could post this set early. But since you probably can’t/won’t , could you please, please, pretty please share one more pic of her from this set to keep me going until Tuesday. I know she has pic set and a vid Friday. But her wearing this. Wow!

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