Next Week: Photo Set Tuesday Returns!

Yes it is time to tell you what is coming for Members NEXT WEEK in Photo Set Tuesday! Bella-Atom is here to save the day! Maria looks ready for action in the Miss Freedom catsuit! Galaxia looks born to wear red and blue… AND we dig into the archive for a special Comet Girl Photo Set from 2017! If you aren’t yet a Member, make sure to sign up before next Tuesday if you like the look of these… Membership is FREE.


  • Now that’s what I call a Brunette Spectacular!!!!
    They all look amazing…but good Lord!… Maria is absolutely smashing the MF catsuit!!! 😮

    • As uncreative as it would be, I’d be all in for her just being the new Miss Freedom with zero explanation given for why she looks completely different.

  • Charlie Z. says:

    Galaxia as Supremacy, isn’t that lovely? And also always looking forward to anything our newest Supremacy Maria has to offer (the third one, or pun intended:))

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Maria is quite the beauty and is looking particularly splendid in that Miss Freedom costume. I cross my fingers that she’ll one day make it onto the NGC main stage.

  • Maria is turning into a catsuit star!! First the original Deceptress costume and now Miss Freedom´s second outfit! Both classic and personal favs of mine!

    • It sure makes a compelling argument in favour of giving her a catsuit of her very own when she gets an NGC character 🙂
      Since Majesty left, where currently catsuitless on the heroine front

  • Bella is back! and joined by Maria and Galaxia with a special guest star appearance by Comet Girl!
    Oh Baby, Oh baby, Oh Baby!
    Looks like I’m gonna be busy clearing MORE space on my hard drive for these sets!
    Thank You, NGC! -b

    • Both Alias and Patriot-Girl wore the MF catsuit in videos last year, and Alias again in photo-sets this year, so it hasn’t been entirely absent.
      But it is always great to see 🙂

      • I find it interesting how almost everyone here who comments just adores that outfit.
        I’ve never been a fan of it and I just can’t see why anyone would get as excited as the rest of us have shown, in prior features of any heroine who’s pictured in it.
        To me, it makes the wearer look like some kind of Communist super heroine, thus why I tend to call Ms. Freedom, “Comrade Freedom”, whenever she’s pictured wearing it.
        However, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m happy for those of us who enjoy seeing our various actresses picutured in wearing it.
        I just don’t see it.
        So, until next time, Спасибо, что потворствовали моей маленькой «разглагольствованиям». Желаем приятно провести время и увидимся позже.

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