Next Week: Photo Set Tuesday Returns

I think you’ll agree, it looks good. Excited?


  • Sweet mercy! I don’t want to go making any crass comments, but Shining Spirit! Daaaaang!!! *faints*
    And another first-time costume outing for Alias, looking lovely as ever.
    If Majesty had her usual Union Jack costume on while holding that little ray gun, she’d look totally out of Austin Powers… but it’s awesome to see her in the Miracle Chick outfit again.
    I can never have too much Celestia 🙂

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      It’s amazing some of the lines the [PG-13] SHIP community doesn’t wish to cross. “Shinning Spirit has an amazing ass” would be considered uncouth by many even though I’m sure that actress is more than proud of her glutes and how they look in that photo. Meanwhile we watch videos and take great pleasure in women getting their ass handed to them. Give showering praises in their ability to look helpless while getting beaten and we consider that well within the boundaries of nicety in this community. And I’m not trying to criticize anybody here because I do it to but I do find it all quite amusing.

      • You got to admit some of the tastes display by the fans (some of them even seen here posted in this site’s discussion board foruns) are born from a mix of unchecked fetishistic lewdeness (fetish without self-awareness) and misoginy disguised as “good sport camp tastes”.
        There is a difference between enjoying looking at a custom photo of a pretty actress as she poses and enjoying a fantasy fight where you know it’s all choreography like a dance, and other tastes where you can see it comes from a place of sexual sadism and objectification of women.

          • Well, in fetish terms, I’m actually a switch. So, depending on my mood, I enjoy seeing the heroine kicking ass just as much as I enjoy seeing her in peril.

            That’s why I love NGC. They keep me happy in both regards

  • Oh wow, check it out!
    I had run across a video of the Comet Girl actress as Miracle Chick and it made me wonder if the Majesty actress had ever donned the same outfit…then look what shows up in this week’s photo set.
    It’s like NGC is reading my mind! (hmmm…maybe I need a new tin hat).

  • Darkwrath106 says:

    Wow. Shinning Spirit (Shinning Angel?) has an entire bakery going on back there. Call me crass indeed for wanting to instantly buy this specific photoset based on that preview picture.

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