Next Week: Photo Set Tuesday Returns!

Next week’s Photo Set Tuesday is looking very red, white, and blue as we’ve got Power-Celestia, Classic Miss Freedom, Patriot-Girl, and Power X taking centre stage. With a lovely Virtue posed set thrown in too! If you like the look of these then you’ll need to be a Member by this time next week or you’ll miss them!


  • Awesome lineup! Lots of Power in this batch 😀 I approve!

    Am I right in thinking that’s the final outing of the original Virtue costume before it got all “filthy”?

  • My only complaint would be the red background behind Power Celestia. The red background kind of hides the color of the red boots. Still going to buy all 4 sets though 🙂

  • On the subject of Power-girls… at this point, am I hoping in vain for a return trip from the recent Power-Woman actress? It’s been quite a while, so it seems like I’m probably out of luck… but I was totally smitten

    • Yes I’m wondering the same thing haven’t seen her in s video in some time
      He she still performing in videos
      It would be a terrible loss if not probably my all time favourite actress in any heroine character

  • I’ve given up trying to resist buying Aisling stuff. Instant buy. If she has retired could she maybe be persuaded to direct or even write some episodes? Se just seems to get the genre.

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