NGC Newsletter – June 2024

Well, that month went by fast! A few things to talk about here, I understand I’m talking to the die-hards here, with perhaps the occasional lurker taking it in. I know you’d all really like to hear about what Sonica is really like based on the strong feelings in the Photo of the Day post. But this is going to be a bit of a “running a superheroine video project” type post.

In sport (or ‘sports’ if you are American), they have something called a ‘transition year’, or again for Americans; a ‘rebuild season’ I believe. We are having one of those in 2024. Trying to keep results as good as possible despite the fact that everything is going against you, and putting in the work to come out of it stronger. On April 1st, an irony not lost on me, certain new protocols came into the whole system of emailing people. It probably didn’t affect those of you who open all the emails we send, but it did affect many who occasionally do. We need occasionals/casuals to open emails and buy things from time to time, or the project doesn’t work. Overnight we took a hit on this. It has resulted in videos we expected to do brilliantly to do ‘fine’, videos we expected to do fine did badly, and videos we didn’t expect much from, we got even less.

Whether people agree or not, our base product is the finest we’ve ever produced. The videos are longer on average for those who care, we’re getting more out of the actors emotionally on average, the dialogue is generally tighter, there is more fighting and again on average it is better. We’re not getting everything right, but we’re getting a lot right. It is disappointing when a great video doesn’t do well, but if the emails are getting buried by providers then we need a plan to resolve that. I will be working with people who know what they are doing (for the first time) to create a new emailing system to not only recover what we’ve lost, but to build on it. I will be embarking on heavy marketing campaigns to bring entirely new people to our videos (15% of our weekly sales are entirely new people already) by the end of this year I want 50% more people opening our Member emails than ever before because I will not have this project wrecked by some random act.

What will this mean for you? I’m not sure. For possibly the first time ever, I’m going to do what I’m told. I suspect it could mean a few things: The time, or even the day that new videos are released. Many of you get our emails on Friday morning, I don’t think that makes sense, and I’d expect it to change. The Member offering will alter; last month I hinted at changes to Member Gifts, this is likely. Frankly I don’t get enough feedback that they are helping to clinch sales. I need proof that they are, and will make changes if not. It isn’t worth my time doing them if it is better spent making something else. The general make up of the email will likely change to something that I have a lot more proof works. The frequency may change, perhaps we’ll have more to say? Anyone who hates receiving our unbelievably awesome emails can unsubscribe.

Then there are things I will fully control. We have an influx on new talent and characters coming to the project. At a faster rate than before. In the past we would trial them on Action Cosplay, and then graduate here all being well. We can’t do this every time now, partly because we just need to trust our casting process and get new NGC characters, and frankly because of attention spans and the fact Action Cosplay gets less traffic than here, if you’ve not made enough sales on AC by Saturday evening, forget it. That is not sustainable.

SO… The main announcement you are actually interested in which I’ve put at the bottom to reward people who have read this far is: We will have a significant costume swap series. I’ve not landed on a name for this yet, and I’m toying with giving it it’s own menu entirely, away from the ‘Seasons’ tab. This series will be a place we will trial new actresses in existing NGC costumes playing existing NGC characters. It will also be a place where actresses who have their own roles in NGC will have a video playing a different character. My inkling is to play this straight. If Captain Liberty is in the Athena costume, she will be playing Athena. Crucially, these videos would NOT appear in the Character’s page for either Captain Liberty or Athena, hence why it is likely to have its own menu. This means when we put out a photo set where an actress is in a costume and everyone loves it, there’s a much higher chance we will make that video. For those few who don’t like this sort of thing, don’t worry, it isn’t going to take over. We will still make Action Cosplay as well, with a couple of videos already in the can you’ve not seen yet BUT until I’ve resolved the email problems, it just isn’t in my interests to put a lot of energy into videos where people don’t visit the sites enough.

We had a productive casting last month, and I’m really excited about how things will be for you by the end of this year, but if I don’t fix this email issue, we won’t have much of anything frankly.


  • Love the costume swap series idea. Hopefully veterans and rookies will be involved. I would like to see the veteran actresses do an Action Cosplay vid once in while. I admit I’ve lost some interest in Action Cosplay since it was restricted to rookies.

    • The costume swap idea is great. It leverages what I think makes NGC unique from the other projects (as good as they are) which is the original characters.

      I’m also amped to see the return of the “old guard” played by new actors.

  • Holy moly! A whole costume swap series, playing it straight with their powers… that sounds like Christmas in summer!

  • Nice! The openness is a cool thing to have and appreciate the work and effort put in to get to this point.
    Speaking candidly as one of the “occasionals” I do think the quality has seen a huge uptick as time goes on and almost every new video looks fantastic. Unfortunately it is not fiscally possible to buy every video though so there is a wait it out period to try to find the best bang for buck for personal preferences. For myself, whenever the low blow element is included that’s almost an auto get. Doesn’t mean the only thing that’s looked for but definitely a needle mover and just ends up meaning that the rest are decided upon with much more restraint typically. I can’t speak for all but would assume other occasionals may have their own methodology as well.
    Nothing to change per se moreso just a note for transparency if that helps at all. In general, I think if the quality keeps up with what has come out over how ever long it’s been, the demand will be there regardless. Cheers!

    • Yes I’m not really worried about the level of demand, it is much more that people actually know we exist or what our new release is. I appreciate any sale for whatever reason, but people do have their own methodologies and if they are wedded to them then you can’t really avoid only giving them what they want now and again.

  • Sorry to hear about the e-mail problems. Maybe have a superheroine / villainess costume swap assuming that they are about the same size ? Keep up the great work ! 🙂

  • …speaking of emails. Something I’ve noticed of late, that I’ve been meaning to ask you about, NGC.

    So, when I go to buy a video, I go through the normal process and end up at the downloader site and download the video and/or photo set.
    When it comes around to doing that again, the following week, I’ve noticed that last week’s selections are still sitting in cue at the downloader site, even though I’ve already downloaded them the prior week.
    Granted, it’s easy enough to simply delete the selections I already have, but this is a recent thing. For all the years I’ve been buying videos and photo sets from you, I’ve never seen this happen.
    Usually, I buy it and it’s gone within hours.
    Is this part of the glitch you referred to in your post, or is this something else, and, should I be worried about it?

    • …btw, I like the idea of the costume swap tab, as well.
      Also, I wonder if no longer having an Action Cosplay site is a bad thing? Seems like its becoming a bit of an after thought anyway.
      I never saw an issue with testing a new actress/character on the main site and seeing if they’ll fly or not. You used to do that (i.e., the “one-and-done’s” you’ve had here in the past).
      …but would it lighten up the load and help you with cost, if you eliminated AC from the NGC universe altogether?

      • I think AC would work way better as isolated videos with no need of a storyline or established characters/villains. Think that if done right they are great bait to bring in casuals into the NGC universe. Specially with keyword and related term searches, someone searching for a particular mainstream character may get some NGC results. If he buys a video and enjoys it they then have all of the rest of the NGC universe to discover.

        I used to work with search engine optimization so I know a thing or two about streamlining content descriptions to make them pop uo in searches, and believe that’s a huge advantage in todays internet when trying to sell a product

      • The problem with testing an actress on NGC was that we would create a character for her, make an expensive costume, she makes one video, and then decides she doesn’t want to make any more. This is costly in both time and money. It also means you have a bunch of characters that never went anywhere, which I don’t like. AC made a great proving ground, but in the current situation it isn’t really a fair one because you can’t weigh AC sales fairly against NGC. This is why a costume swap series will be helpful. I will keep AC though, it is inexpensive to keep up there, still gets some traffic, and will be fun to put some new ideas to.

    • Do you mean the Payloadz shopping cart? It keeps something in there you’ve already bought? This isn’t something we have any control over, probably some kind of coding glitch that will hopefully go away. It isn’t what I was referring to, mine was more about new protocols from email providers where even though you’ve signed up for something, they make the decision you probably don’t want to see it (in their infinite wisdom). It affects people who don’t open every week. In the past if you hadn’t opened any for several months you’d be taken out of our system, but now it can happen if you skip a few. I could ask people to whitelist our emails, but most people don’t know how to do that and wouldn’t go to the bother.

      • Yes, I was referring to the Payloadz shopping cart keeping items I’ve already bought and downloaded longer than a few hours.
        It’s been going on for months, but it doesn’t sound like anything you can control so I won’t worry about it.
        Thanks for addressing my questions.

          • It has done that to me for years. It has been no big deal: they are easy to delete. It is good to know that it hasn’t been deliberate and sneaky attempt to get me to buy something I’ve already bought. I hope that doesn’t offend you. I’m just the paranoid sort who often assumes the worst.

  • My prayers have been answered!
    Through the years you have created some amazing and I would dare say iconic for the genre costumes. So it’s a shame they are left in a box once an actress leaves.

    I knew it went against your artistic vision but I was never opposed to seeing a character recast, or maybe a succesor/sibling taking the mantle. Spiderman has been played by 3 guys already in cinemas and all had great movies.

    And I think some of the lack of success of Action Cosplay may be related to trying to form a storyline (which is hard with actors leaving) and keep actresses in a single role. Other producers sometimes pic one actress and do 3-4 videos with her, in different perils and sometimes different costumes. That’s great if you skipped buying one because you didn’t like an actress or costume or the peril. You would eventually get the things you enjoyed in a video and jump in. But if X actress always gets to play Y character and you don’t like any of those two you just skip all the releases with her.

    Really hyped to see a costume swap dedicated section. Hell maybe you still have some costumes from back from season 1. Really hated the Blitz costume only got one outing, that one looked great! And of course anyone playing the Deceptress will have my full support! 😁

    • I gave up on a storyline for AC mostly because of the pace people arrived and then left. What we do now is put them in a world where the Federation exists and certain villains who hang around for longer on average. The main story at NGC isn’t so different now. It’s great if I can keep people for a few years and make it specific to them for periods, but a lot of it is essentially, ‘this is what is happening to the world, you are who is currently available to help’.

      It’s conceivable to me that someone might like an actress but not her costume, certainly. Costumes are really important to this project, and I think you’ll see some great stuff coming up in a very classic style with all the new people we are bringing in. That Blitz costume though, I really don’t think I still have it, that’s from about 14 years ago, and I can’t remember where it went.

      • I think Candy Race/Equalizer was a great example of an actress I liked but a costume that just didn´t do it for me. I´m not against pink (I loved Magenta for example) but I basically skipped every release of hers. Then she played Marvelette in AC and BOOM!! Bought evertything she was in. Got in for the costume, stayed for the actress. To the point I even went back and bought some of her older videos when she left/got injured just to enjoy more of her acting.

        Opposite example would be Deceptress/Erica Lynn. At the beginning I was basically just buying for the costume and actress looks, but she improved her acting and specially selling pain/peril to the point she was absolutely fantastic by seasons 3 and 4

        Maybe because I´m more of a visual person, but I think this genre is also very visual. You just can´t measure an actress acting until you buy a video. But a image preview or photoset can immediately get you hooked for free. When I saw Galaxia I knew I was gonna buy her vid, no questions asked. Even if she would act terribly, or the peril/fetish category wasn´t for me, I would enjoy seeing that costume in motion. I think that´s what can drive sales the easiest, so good to know a costume swap series is coming. Basically you have more chances to “hit it” with certain people in every release, be it on the actress or costume side of the equation.

        And don´t worry about the Blitz costume, it was mostly an example of those costumes that had little screentime but I thought were neat. I wouldn´t mind seeing something like Catherine Marks or Magenta return though, but I think is incredibly that after 14 years you still have some properly iconic costumes like Athena, Miss Freedom V1 and Angel´s original costume going around and showing up from time to time! I really feel like you have created some great looks throught the years that will be looked back fondly in 10 years too.

        • Costumes are a vital part of this project, possibly more so than what happens in the video if I’m honest. As you suggest, a killer combo of actress and costume will sell videos even if there wasn’t a trailer (there will be a trailer of course), and even if the trailer were bad (which NEVER happens :)) I think people would still buy to see it in action. I am much more confident about our ability to improve this than I’ve ever been. I can design costumes much more easily than before using things like MidJourney. There is a lot of trial and error to get it to make what I’m imagining, but it means I can hand over a design to my costume maker that is really clear, just make that in the picture please, and we are away. I’m really hopeful that our stuff will look ridiculously good a year from now, and I’d like to be getting costumes made and fixed all year round so we can get colour alternates for characters and all sorts. I really feel this is where the future lies for us because it is something we can most actively improve.

          • Color alternatives for characters??!! That sounds fantastic!!

            Looking forward to the next batch of costumes then! While it´s always great to see classic ones return, nothing beat the surprise of seeing something you like for the first time! As you say your trailers are never bad, but rarely has one convinced me to buy a video if the image previews hadn´t already done so. First image/impression does 80% of the job most of the time!

            And you are right, as much as people hate on AI tools, I can now make simple sketches with rough coloring and the app improves it for me, and I can choose a ton of styles. Same with using human models for the pose, adding a bunch of stuff to it with crude cut and paste and you just put that into AI tools and get something nice on the other end, which you can then use as a reference for an artist and whatnot…..just don´t look to closely at the hands or eyes ^^

  • A costume swap is interesting. I was wondering if the old costumes would return in video again. Alias heroine did that i wonder what other ways can be done then lo and behold it is done. many of the past heroine costumes can return like from carmen black iv, comet girl, angel 2nd oufit, shadowstar, nina hellfire etc. and maybe as more time goes by those heroines can return with maybe a quick storyline that someone took on their mantle but with different powers

    • Unlikely to use costumes of people who might return. This won’t really be an issue though, we have lots of costumes that have no one to put in them just now.

  • I really like the idea of costume swapping and should make for some interesting videos. The photo sets with actresses in different guises are incredible and you rarely get to see that idea play out on video .

    I am glad Action Cosplay is sticking around too. Some of my favourite releases are over there and I like the fact you could potentially see anyone pop up there with a different character and not have to worry about continuity. As the poster above said some of the veteran actresses popping up now and again would be fun too.

    Look forward to seeing the new actresses show up. The recent hires all look top tier.

  • Hey, just want to give my two cents. I don’t want this to be taken as just criticism as I am huge fan. I haven’t nearly bought as videos of yours as I used to. Recent videos have all been quite similar to each other. Same actors getting 2-3 videos every month or so is getting unexciting. Novelty has been your speciality before. 2 more things that’ve kept me from buying. Cocky heroine finds herself on the receiving end and accepts it rather than just being knocked out is more fun. You don’t see them regret their behaviour if they just get knocked out is too common in the videos lately. It’s just not entertaining. For me, the first power girl video was just perfect I didn’t even think before buying. It was a great video. But we don’t see her regretting her cockiness or anything she just got knocked out and it was entertaining but just not enough. Even though I prefer girl v girl videos the second one was just tame because she was bested by gadgets. Just an unentertaining end to the fight. I can’t waste money on unexciting videos like that. If the first video was a 7 or 8/10. The second video was a 3 or 4/10. And I don’t mean this as just criticism. I wish I could spend money on your vids but they just miss the mark by a bit. It’s been quite frequent lately. Since I have spent quite a good chunk on these vids I think I can voice my opinion on it because lately it’s just not been doing it for me. Please do more girl v girl where the heroine gets humbled or humiliated. Thank you.

    • Yes, I think this is kind of what I was getting at when I talked about it being a transition year. A combination of intense bad luck with injuries, and without naming names, quite disappointing communication left us with far fewer actresses that we could use, and needing to make 50 videos a year, we aren’t able to just wait until the cast has grown. We always want 10-12 heroines on the roster, and we dropped to 5 briefly, which is very, very bad. So I can understand the tight rotation being an issue, and I see it in sales. I cling onto the hope that over a number of years, probably after this set of actresses has left, people will pick these releases up and they’ll get to the level of others. I do want to inject a bit more variety into each release, do more VTV (I know this isn’t necessarily what you are highlighting), more Transforms, the occasional Championship, Squash, and also these costume swaps. As for a cocky superheroine getting her comeuppance… I think we still do it, but perhaps the heroines we currently have in rotation aren’t really those sorts of characters. Lady X, Solaris and Captain Liberty are quite earnest/good girl characters, Wonderstrike isn’t overly cocky, so maybe only Patriot-Girl exists currently in the roster who is full of herself and would deliver what you like, so I would expect the odd over-confident heroine to appear in the new batch. I can think of one in particular coming soon. Also, I don’t know if you got ‘Progression of Power’ but I think that ought to be one you’d like.

      • I always wondered since you ramped up production it´s insane we get almost weekly releases, but with time I felt it kinda diluted the product. I used to buy literally everything until around the time of season 3, but afterwards it´s true it may have lost some of the novelty or simply there were too many videos to keep up with
        Do you need to keep that production schedule for cost or economies of scale reasons or would you scale down a bit as to not burn out costumers?
        I know I would buy every video with an actress and costume combo I liked, but I bet people like the above poster who are not getting what they want in many videos just burn out and leave, or may dip their toes but get tired after the fourth vid with X or Y heroine

        • I think this again is related to the size of the heroine roster. If we’ve only got 5 in rotation as we had for 3 months this year, then seeing a heroine every month just about isn’t very good for customers or us, unless we’re talking about individual customers who happen to love that character. When we have a full roster fixed, then people only appear every 2-3 months and that definitely helps. We could not go back to fortnightly releases because the week off is utterly dire in terms of traffic. Even if we did one week videos, one week photo sets, it would be a big drop. This means I couldn’t pay vital members of my team enough for them to stick around. Before I ramped it up in 2018 we were about to stop, because it was just not paying for the effort we were putting in. I really don’t expect people to buy everything, of course I’m glad that they do. I’m making big marketing changes because I want enough different buyers that we’re not relying on a small pool of people to hold everything up.

          I don’t really understand why someone would leave, I think the site is really bloody interesting even if you don’t buy much, what we’ve got to do is to make things people are interested in buying.

          • Totally understandable, I didn´t think you were close to folding in 2018 but I remeber the genre in general took a nosedive sales wise around that time or even before, remember many producers complaining about it

            And well I wouldn´t know why people leave, I´ve been here on and off since season 1 starting with S1 Ep2 with Angel´s debut. But I just think younger buyers you may want to hook (20´s and 30´s) just have too much in their plates regarding things/apps/products grabbing their attention and time. It´s hard to keep them engaged, believe me I´m in marketing ^^

            PD: It would be amazing having a “like” function in this forum. Sometimes I just wanna agree with an opinion but feel I need to leave an acknowledgement comments that a “like” would easily replace ^^

          • It was actually about 10 years ago that sales just halved for everyone, and no one knows why as far as I can tell. By early 2018 we were just in a situation of having done 8-9 years, and little to show for it as a business, people we relied on couldn’t continue to give their time for scant reward, that is why we went to weekly releases. Obviously it is much more work, but if we dropped back to fortnightly releases, key people would have to stop and look around for other work, we’d basically grind to a halt.

            I do believe you about younger people though when we started our biggest demographic was 35-55… and 15 years later it still is! So we must be picking up some new people along the way. I won’t be adding likes. There aren’t enough regular posters that I’d want to replace their words with a thumbs up symbol, we’d be a ghost town overnight.

      • I did get progression of power. I loved it for the most part. But like I said I’d rather see a few videos where the heroine willingly gives up rather than being knocked out. They get knocked out in every video. Knock outs are good and all but then I don’t see how they’re any different. Every patriot girl video starts off with her bragging then being knocked out you know. Maybe a few videos where she gives up and is ready to admit she’s not as strong as she thinks she is. I would keeping paying for those types of videos. I’m not asking for all the videos to have that as I get your point some characters are good girls but as a fan of the genre I would say this would help your numbers somewhat.

        • Thanks, I’ll have a think about this. You are stating a preference here, though it is one I can and maybe should cater to more often, there’s no guarantee of more sales aside from yours. I have received a lot of emails over the years from people telling me I’ll make way more sales if I do more of XYZ, but there is scant evidence. I’ve no problem for people asking for more of what they like though. Within reason. I do try and have variety, but we’ve had a very hard 6 months with limited actresses and this has had a knock on effect.

  • Sorry to hear about the email issue, and how it’s been effecting sales. In terms of the product you’re putting out, you’ve all been absolutely kicking-ass this year. It’s a huge shame for that high quality to go unnoticed because of something like that.

    I love the idea of a costume-swap series. It’s always fun to see in a photo-set, but I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve thought, “I wish there was a video of this!”
    I agree that it would also make another good ‘proving ground’ venue for new talent.

    As for members gifts, I can’t really comment about whether or not I’d buy purely because of the gift, since I haven’t missed a release anyway. But I always look forward to the member gift. A few years back, when I was still new to the site, the members gift frequently persuaded me to check out the old video that it came from, if I didn’t have it yet.
    I like the idea you proposed last month, where the heroine poses and interacts with the camera. Personally, I think that kind of thing would be a big hit
    And I’ve mentioned it before, but something like that old Bluebird Q+A video would be very interesting, if any of the actresses would be willing.

    • Yes, I will be giving it thought and taking advice about the best kind of offer we can make to Members in future. The gifts do help highlight previous videos, so there is that.

  • Appreciate the updates. I fully endorse the costume swap idea and look forward to seeing it in practice. Some of those costumes were pretty iconic, and short of the occasional Alias appearance, they’ve been sorely missed!

    • Yes, we have been refurbishing them in the background, more robust zips, fixing seams etc… though some are really just too far gone.

  • clutchking says:

    Just want to chime in and say that these newsletter updates are greatly appreciated. Hope they’re not too much work for you to put together and that they lead to positive and constructive feedback (and more sales!)

    Also glad to see that AC is continuing. If we get Solaris in the Marvelette costume someday… INSTABUY and I think plenty would agree, hahaha

    • You have my vote about that being an Instant buy, although to be fair that costume is already an instant buy for me, unless I really don´t like the setting/peril at display

  • A couple of points. First, I’m somewhat dismayed to hear about the lagging sales with AC, as I really look forward to these occasional releases and have never been disappointed in them. I don’t want to see them go, but I also understand that, in the end, it’s a business. But we have seen tremendous talent come up through AC, and I’d love to see this continue.
    As for whether the Member Gifts serve as a motivator to deciding whether or not to purchase a new release, I’d say that not on a routine basis but that yes, on occasion, the member gift being offered has led me to purchase a release I might not otherwise have made. It’s not often, but it has happened. Personally, I love the added bonus each week and you’ve really provided us with some rare gems, so I’d prefer to see them continue. Just my two-cents worth. Overall I continue to greatly appreciate the outstanding quality work NGC puts out and look forward to its further success going forward.

  • phoxy_brown says:

    So glad to see all the wonderful feedback and I absolutely love the Costume Swap concept. Especially loved the storyline featuring the Dominator donning the Lady Victory costume!!!! Villainesses swapping into heroines’ costumes is a nice refreshing change of pace. The Iron Mistress also pulling double duty as Power Woman was quite fun.

    Thanks for keeping the fans in the loop and revealing a peek behind the curtain.

  • I deal with a couple of newsletters for my business and I know exactly what you’re talking about. (this year involved crash courses in domain verification, automated sequences, and learning wtf “DMARC” is). One question… do you do “Unopen Resends?” I’ve found these can be effective, since some emails go into a “Promotions” folder and get lost. (often, a gmail user will only see the most recent three in there, if the user’s view is currently in their main inbox). I usually add an “In case you missed it:” in front of the original email’s subject. They get 10-15% open rate, so it does grab some that missed the original.

    • I don’t do that, and it sounds like a good idea. I’m going to be employing someone over the next few months to absolutely fix all of this stuff. I basically am doing exactly what I did when I started or soon after, and it still broadly works, but the direction of travel with email providers is to understandably crack down on things that are very spammy. Unfortunately they are somewhat throwing the baby out with the bath water as well. I did the domain verification, and got all the ticks and thumbs up, but still something isn’t right. It has levelled off it seems, but dropped enough that I don’t like it, and who knows if someone will flick a switch and make it worse still?

      • Yes, I certainly think I did everything correctly for the change but the open rate on one of my newsletters went from an impressive 60 to 65% to 50 to 55%… And the timing definitely seems to imply that it is a result of the new gatekeeping that Apple and Google are doing.

  • I too would like to see the AC series continue. My favorite videos have come from that brand, and Chaotica as played by her current actress has become my favorite villain(ess). As to the change in email format, I don’t know. Maybe a change in format would be an improvement, maybe the opposite. One suggestion I can make for a change to email format that would improve it for me, however, is to include an option at the top of the email to view it in the browser. This is possibly an issue just for me, but it is definitely an issue. I have for my general email, and I can no longer scroll an email without doing a lot of reloading and catching the email at just the right instant and holding on to it. As you may imagine, this is very annoying and quite time consuming. I think they want me to upgrade to something for which I would have to pay a monthly fee, and I won’t do that. At any rate, a click-on option to view the email in the browser would improve the email reading experience immensely for me.

    • Hmm, that’s odd. I’ll try and remember to mention it when I get the expert on board. I’m really going to just listen and implement changes. I don’t simply want to reclaim what I lost, but go much further.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Sigh. Not to be a Debbie downer but I guess I’m probably one who isn’t too fond of the costume swapping idea. And to be fair, I’m not against the costume swap but the idea that actresses will also play the role of the heroine’s who’s costume they are wearing doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope. A lot of what I watch NGC for is the characters. The actress who played Comet Girl and the character Comet Girl are one and the same to me. Same with Spectrum. Same with Solaris. But hey, we’ll see I guess.

    Also, is the championship just dead at this point. It’s been six months since the last release.

    • No it isn’t dead. We’d like to shoot more there in autumn, those have to be very long days and access to the ring isn’t always straight forward, I’d like to do more.

  • Neaj Deniable says:

    Here’s how you will get more sales from me:

    – More female vs female content

    – More brutal, realistic fights. Use of makeup to simulate black eyes and bruises, blood.

    – Surprise us with the stories: too often it’s the exact same thing. Fights start competitive than bad guy cheats to win.

    • I think that perhaps we have to convey what happens in videos better because we don’t tell that story every week. Obviously the nature of villainy is likely to lead to cheating, but I think a Danger Room release is not similar to ‘Weathering the Storm’ for example.

  • Ah yes, the rebuild season… teams I follow tend to have those quite often. Very sorry to hear about the email issue, I hate to think that some great videos underperformed due to lack of exposure. Oh well, just more back catalog for someone to stumble upon after discovering NGC in the future.
    Like many, I like the costume swap idea; I’ve been hoping for more circumstances where we get to see the current cast try on past costumes, and if they’re going to actually play previous characters, that’s even better. I’ve said it before, I think the level of acting we’re seeing now is better than ever, so seeing the newer cast take on previous characters is exciting. For instance, it’d be really interesting to see Patriot-Girl play Celestia or Wonderstrike play Starshot.
    It sounds like the costume swap idea is like a “What if?” series, similar to the “What if Miss Freedom were a Fail-Safe Sister?” video (a terrific one!) in a way. SHIP producer Cross the Line (aka Heroine Legends, The Superheroines, etc.) had a series called “Distortion” where they did something similar, with actresses trading costumes. Toward the end of their run they had a bunch of series that were primarily differentiated by the mix of costumes.
    As for website organization, many producers create lists of videos by performer, rather than character. Kandyman does it this way, although the performers all play sort-of the same character in every video (or the evil/dark version of that character) regardless of what costume they’re wearing, so it’s not really the same.
    I miss the storyline of Action Cosplay, but to my mind what holds that series together now is the rogues’ gallery. AC has some terrific villains, and I hope we haven’t seen the last of the Revolution… I mean the New Power Generation!

    • Thanks. I am pretty happy with the way the characters menu works, this new series will be kept away from that.

  • I want to thank you for keeping all of us in the know with the behind the scenes stuff. I’m a big fan of the costume swap idea. I had mentioned in the past how sad it was for a costume to be retired because the actress had moved on so I can’t wait to see more. Sorry to hear action cosplay isn’t doing well at the moment. I must admit I haven’t had as much interest as I’ve had in the past. I simply can’t afford every release you put out. Plus seeing super girl and wonder woman doesn’t do much for me. I’m happy to hear the recruiting drive is going well. I look forward to seeing the rookies in peril.

    • I agree that the Supergirl costume is a vibe killer for me but sadly it´s the most common one in the entire SHIP genre it seems (but some variations of it NGC has done in their own universe are actually great). Wonder Woman I usually like it but using the one from the new movies is a no ^^
      But Action cosplay has so much potential for variety I hope it keeps going, there are many costumes shown in the photosets that I would love to see in a video even if it falls apart after one filming session

    • It just gets less traffic than this site because there is less going on. It is mostly because of email protocol changes that hit AC releases harder as everyone has moved onto the next thing by Sunday.

  • Jack Smith says:

    As far as member gifts
    – If it’s a video I already like the member gift is a nice addition
    – However, if I’m not interested in the video the member gift alone won’t convince me to buy it

    I like the photo sets. It’s convenient because if I’m waiting for one of my favorites to return I can pick up 3-5 photo sets of them for the same price as a video in the meantime. I also have a backlog of photo sets that I want to buy so, if I don’t like the video that week, it gives me an excuse to buy more.

    Any other comments I have would just be matters of personal preference. I will add that I am looking forward to seeing more of Lady X, Solaris, and Maria.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I certainly see a lot more buying activity around photo sets than I used to, some people pretty much buy them exclusively. We thankfully have videos in the can of all three, so keep an eye out.

  • Thanks for the update. if you are worried about muddying the storyline then yes it could be an idea to put the costume change videos on action cosplay or NGC championship.
    Also I can officially confirm that if Captain Liberty is in the starshot / bluebird / dark blue celestia costume then I will be buying for sure.

    • No I won’t be doing that. I don’t want NGC characters on AC or vice versa, and the Championship has to be the Championship, though in theory we could do a ring fight this way. Thanks for the tip, I’m sure she’s look good in all three.

  • Anon E Mouse says:

    Will this open the door to bringing back old characters like Glory or even Magenta through recasting? That would be sick.

    • We won’t re-cast the old characters. This will be a new section on this site where in theory any current actress can appear in any costume (that fits her) and will portray the character of that costume. These releases will only exist in that new section and won’t appear on the character page because I want the original actress to remain synonymous with the character she originally played. So we might have a Red Glory episode played by someone else, but there won’t be a specific Red Glory actress.

  • I can agree to what many people wrote above:
    There are releases that I buy because if the actress is amazing, and there are release that I buy because of the costume used. For example, I will probably buy every release with an actress in the Deceptress costume, but only the leotard-version, the fullbody suit, I will not even consider it. I guess I want to see some legs in these films, guilty as charged. Unfortunately, I just can’t warm up to Lady X and since she is verrry present on this website lately, I have passed on a few of those movies. The only one I picked up was “Adjustments” and that was just for Shining Spirit.

    But I will also often consider buying if there is the Shining Spirit- or Galaxia-actress involved, regardless of the costume. Therefore, I think the costume-swap for releases is a great idea, I am already enjoying a lot of those photo sets.

    And I would also like to add that I would enjoy more variety in the endings, like someone wrote, we very often have an exchange of blows and in the end, the heroine gets a hard punch and is knocked out. I would like to see more ways of defeat, like choking, like submission, like begging for mercy, admitting defeat, crawling n the floor, some bondage scenes – something that gets a little humiliation into the mix. Right now, we rarely see the heroine impacted by what’s happening in the film, and it makes sense because there is less continuity than we had a few years ago with the episode-system. But still, I it’s too similar lately.

    However, I’m very much looking forward to what’s coming next and some of these new

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