NGC Newsletter – May 2024

I thought since people responded to my ‘Updates’ post a few weeks ago so keenly, that I’d occasionally do a newsletter. I’d like to think I’d impose some form of routine on this, but possibly at times there won’t be anything to say. However, when I do it, I’ll fill it with musings about ideas I’m toying with, things that have happened, and maybe it will interest you.

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who got a copy of the Silver Bullet video. I know that this character is really on the edge of being a ‘Superheroine’, I even said she wasn’t part of the Federation’s superheroine division and more of an agent. I don’t plan to do this again, it just speaks to the slight bottleneck we’ve had in casting new people, and having characters ready. A situation of my own making by not doing enough casting in 2023, and having a lot of bad luck over the winter losing people to injury (not caused by us!) and others becoming unavailable which they didn’t communicate very well. If I’d done a better job in 2023, then we’d have got away with it, lesson learned. To that end, we are moving forward with casting as I suggested a few weeks ago. I am doing basic character-work and costume designs, though I like to actually meet people before go all-in on that.

I have decided to make alterations to our Membership offering. Specifically Member Gifts. The unseen takes won’t vanish, and certainly not quickly, but I’d like to do perhaps videos of heroines modelling in costumes, engaging with the camera a bit better, especially as we create new costumes. I know when we would do ‘Behind the Scenes’ member gifts from photoshoots they were popular, possibly because they were different, and if we did them every time (which isn’t possible, but anyway) people would not be as interested.

We’ve seen a significant growth in our social media following recently, and we still welcome new members and new buyers very frequently. I don’t feel I’ve marketed the series very well, partly because I convinced myself that everyone who loves this genre must know about NGC, which isn’t the case. I am going to put in a lot more effort to this. If I can improve sales, then we can make better videos, costumes, etc.. and I can possibly make something akin to a Bluebird 2020 again (not with Bluebird sadly) knowing it won’t lose money or take ages to make any. I’m very keen to expand this project significantly. I feel I’ve been resting on my laurels. To be fair, the pandemic messed a lot of things up, and since then we have devised a new way of filming that has made longer videos on average, and better action on average too. Photo sets have gone from a kind of after-thought to an integral part of what we do, and I want to develop them also.

Hopefully you’ve noticed that while we can’t make monthly continuing stories anymore, each video has more and better interplay between heroine and villain. This is something I’ve really enjoyed improving, and most of the actors/actresses are enjoying it too. I think this is a really big part of the genre, the dialogue before, during, and after the battle. I’d like to make this better still.

We just need to get over this casting hump, sort out marketing, and by the autumn things could be looking really good. Please bear with us. I know we’ve got some great vids in the can to show you all.


  • Keep up the good work and I hope the casting process goes well for you. Looking forward to seeing the new characters for the autumn. Early signs are good with the newbies.

  • Having rivalries between particular heroines / villains adds that extra element to their match ups, like Bluebird and Eliza Rose. Hopefully something can evolve with Lady X, she seems to be in the most bluebird-esque spot. Lady X 2030 maybe? 🙂

    Members gifts, in terms of behind the scenes would you consider blooper reels of some of the video shoots?

    • I would consider blooper reels, but actually most of that stuff happens when rehearsing fights on set and so isn’t filmed. We put a few in Member Gifts occasionally, but there aren’t that many on film, and some without context wouldn’t make much sense.

  • Loving to hear about focusing more on marketing, promoting the site and expanding the social network presence. I think some of the costumes used in the photosets are also in that vein of “expanding” to a wider audience outside of people who grew up with Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Would love to see more comic or videogame heroines in videos done in the NGC style since you are my fav producer.

    I would also suggest making previous member gifts or BTS content available to purchase if the files still exist. It would be very unfair for someone just discovering the site to fall in love with certain heroine/actress and know he missed out forever on bonus content for her. I myself know I have missed some member gifts with heroines or from videos I liked just because I was travelling or didn’t check my emails on time. But that’s on me, someone just finding out about the site never had that chance!

    • I take the point about it being unfortunate that people who come late will miss things, but it is equally important that people believe me when I say they will miss something. At the least expect a 5 year gap or more. For example, our heritage sets on Photo Set Tuesday’s are from 2017 at the moment, 7 years. It needs to be a big issue to miss them.

      • I understand that but artificial scarcity or creating FOMO in users can sour them as well.

        It´s a fine balance one needs to achieve. At least with photosets if I was subbed I could go back to the old emails and the links may still work to buy them, but members gift being gone after the weekends a video is released may be too harsh on the long run, worse still if you buy a video you would otherwise skip just for the bonus content. Those feel like some of the short term profit oriented practices that are currently ruining the industry I work in

        In the end you know better than anyone how to drive sales and manage your product, otherwise you wouldn´t be here after so many years still making awesome content and entertaining us, so don´t take my comments personally, it´s just that particular aspect always hit a sensitive spot in me ^^

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    I always appreciate these posts, sharing thoughts and observations about what’s going on behind the scenes. That’s particularly the case when it’s good news like this.
    Good luck with social media and other engagements. I get the impression (and it’s nothing but that) that folks who are “in the know” are aware of NGC, but that leaves a lot of potential fans unaware. It’d be terrific to see some miniseries along the lines of the Bluebird stories.
    I’ve noticed more and better interactions between the heroines and villains in recent videos, and since I love that stuff, it’s wonderful to me. Also, I think the baseline acting talent of current performers is higher than it’s ever been before, so the potential is tremendous. On that subject, good luck with the casting push as well.

  • clutchking says:

    Appreciate the updates, boss!

    Would love to see more BTS model-type shoots with the heroines, get to see them in a different light. They’ll shine no matter what, obviously.

  • I am looking foreward to seeing what you come up with. I also finally got time to react to my purchase of your most recent Action Cosplay video, and Bella as yesterday’s photo of the day permitted me to finally react there to her most recent photoshoot. I recognize that the nature of the internet is that comments should be made on the day, so I will just summarize here by saying bravo, and bravo. Nice work on both projects. And to reiterate here about the actual topic of this post, I look foreward to your next creations. The actresses you have worked with this last year, Lady X, Chaotica, Solaria, are some of the best I have ever watched doing this kind of thing.

    • Yes, none of this is to diminish the efforts and quality of the people we are currently working with, we just don’t have enough of them right now.

  • Love the sound of the new members gift idea, as well as the prospect of something of the scope of Bluebird 2020.
    I’ve also been loving the interactions between characters, and it’s a big part of why I love NGC so much. And the variety in tone, from the tense, chilling interaction in something like ‘Death’s Door’, to something lighter and funnier, like ‘Weather the Storm’, or the intrigue of ‘Adjustments’. And the actors are clearly having a ball with it, having something to get their teeth into.
    Expanding the social media side sounds like a good idea.
    Best of luck with the casing process. You have a proven track record of finding the best talent, so I look forward to seeing the results 🙂

    • Thanks, I really like that we can span dark themes and do comedy as well, and that people seem to enjoy both and whatever is in between.

  • Charlie Z. says:

    I’ve prayed for so long a while about Member Gifts being there, and actually much prefer what you are planning to do in this type of Member video going into the future. I really appreciate you considering these new Member Gift options, and for exactly that, I can see that I’ll always be sticking with NGC through up and downs (hopefully all just ups & ups for NGC, you and your fantastic team!) in an exciting future journey!

    • Ok thanks. It won’t be an immediate change, and we will continue to do the style we have already, but will very things a bit.

  • What happen to the blonde girl from Lady Victory origins PT1 and BlueBird 2020 P3 ?

    I think she is one who could “stole” the costume of these great superheroines

  • I remember you stopped posting at Heroine Movies. Now a lot of those producers left that site and started Heroine News if you are looking for another place to promote videos.

    I would love to see another series on par with Bluebird 2020!!!

  • 1) Hopefully more catfight dialogue in the future between superheroines. I like the witty comments from TV shows like the British Avengers where there’s some quick back and forth between actors /actresses.
    2) Dumb question: Why does Patriot-Girl have a hyphen is her name but Lady X doesn’t ? 🙂

    As usual, keep up the great work ! 🙂

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