NGC: What’s it all about? VIDEO

Next Global Crisis is a web TV series based on our own comic book heroines and villains. For almost 3 and a half years we have been telling our story through ‘Episodes’ of roughly 20 minutes in length and shorter ‘Side Missions’ and earlier ‘Training Room’ films to push forward the plot or introduce characters. We have also created some comic book artwork to further the story as well.

Each NGC film contains an altercation of some kind, a point where characters must clash to move on the plot to the next stage. The outcome for our heroines, whether good or bad, will determine what happens next. Each film has been written with the clear intention to be enjoyed in it’s own right or as part of the wider story, so even if you have never heard of us before you may dive in at any point and find your way backwards and forwards through the chronology if you wish.

All of the action is PG-13 with some swearing and a good dose of violence, but with absolutely no sexual content whatsoever. Each of our heroine characters faces extreme adversity but it is how she copes with this and grows as an individual that makes her interesting.

We hope you enjoy what has been a labour of love for us these past 3+ years and will come back often as we continue to expand our offering.


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