NGC’s Future

A few weeks ago you’ll remember that we did an ‘ask me anything’ thread on here, and that was a lot more popular than I expected, and the previous one’s, so I thought I would involve people who post here a bit more in our plans. I’m aware that generally the people who post here are ‘Loyalists’ or ‘Ultras’, however you wish to be defined, and that many of these ideas will pertain more to people who dip in and out, but they will affect you, so I will share them.

As you know, the pandemic period caused quite a lot of disturbance for us, because we lost actors, cast new one’s, but not all of them stuck with it, the story was thrown into turmoil etc.. It has taken longer to fix all of that than we wanted, but time marches on to the ‘Next Global Crisis’ as it were… That being the squeeze on everyone’s living standards and disposable incomes. The last year has seen our costs increase a lot, in large part down to big rises in location costs, but also I have to pay cast more, so that they can stay committed to the project. I’m far happier doing that than paying astronomical sums for essentially a room that would have been empty that day anyway, but I digress… Coupled with the rise in our costs has been the squeeze on your wallets, and I think that has been especially bad over this winter just gone. From November we noticed a bit of a sea change in what was possible for people, and for the first time since we started in 2009 some of our videos absolutely bombed. We’ve always had videos that were disappointing sales-wise, but never to the level where we’d have been better off never making them. In this same period, we’ve been saved on occasion by the odd video that proves a massive hit! This tells me that people are still in the market, and will buy, if it is something they want to buy. People are being choosier, which I understand.

Now, I’m afraid I can’t say “All the videos are $2 from now on!” or anything of that nature, referring to my costs going up. What I am going to strive to do, is make a product that more people want. Hopefully the onset of warmer weather and I hope, a better economic outlook, will make this a win-win for all of us. I’m certainly not going to whine about videos that tank and complain that people aren’t supporting us, we obviously didn’t make things that people wanted. Some of you did, but not enough of you sadly. I’m also not going to ask for ideas about how to make more popular videos, because you will cite all the things you personally like above others, which I don’t blame you for, I’d be the same in your position, we just don’t need to go around that circle in my view.

SO… There is good news, and there is bad news. Let’s do the bad news first:

We will be making fewer Story videos in future. A monthly story video is too often. Our strongest period, back in the early seasons, had a story video about every 3 months. Yes, we had ‘Side Missions’ backing that up, but the important stuff went down on a quarterly basis. I would like to go back to a 2-3 month schedule. I have not been happy with the story since the pandemic as we’ve had a flux in cast and I’ve had to re-write to accommodate this far more than I’d like, and I’d like to put people in the story I think will stick around. More importantly, people are not keeping up with it in the numbers I need. I think it is actually putting people off because they worry they won’t know what is going on. I know many of the people here love the on-going story, but it just isn’t working as it should. This way it will be better, if less frequent.

We will be making fewer Championship videos in future. These used to be monthly, then we dropped to about 9 a year, and I think we’ll probably drop down to 6, so you’ll still see them, but fewer. The Championship was always a bit of a fringe idea, a niche within a niche. Heroine v Heroine videos never do as well, and even unbelievably amazing Heroine v Villain videos sometimes do badly. Of course there have been wildly successful one’s, such as whenever Erica got squashed by the Dominator, but otherwise, it just kind of does okay, without fireworks. Due to limited access to the location we use, we have to film very long days there, and this has led to choices of match-ups that were far more about what was easiest to film, instead of what would be the most compelling ring battle we could arrange. By dropping to 6, I am more confident that the 6 we put out will be on the more compelling side of things, in the Erica v Dominator guise. The Championship existed partly just to have release variety, and it will still provide that, but less often.

There may also be fewer Action Cosplay videos. I’m not fully certain on this. Some of them do really well, but it is more a playground for blooding new talent, and working out whether or not I want to spend a fortune on a bespoke costume for this person. I think we’ll still throw in established cast when we really want to do something, but like all of this ‘bad news’ section, we’re shrinking things that aren’t pulling their weight. That’s the end of the bad news.

The good news…

This site will become more important again, and instead of being 50% of the releases, it will likely be 75% in future. We have started filming again, and we have  several in the can that I expect to both bomb, and do really well. Maybe I’ll be surprised, but I doubt it. The bombs have been shot and will be released, I won’t tell you what they are, but basically, if you want more of something, or someone, you need to buy it. Skipping a release from a heroine you like will probably see her get side-lined if others do the same. Anyway, this is meant to be the GOOD news section… Now, the videos that do badly have things in common with each other, as do the videos that do well, and these things go far beyond just who the main heroine is. We will be making more TRANSFORM videos. I like them, and I want to expand on them quite a lot. You like them generally as well, so that’s why. There will be HIGHER STAKES in every video. The videos that do badly tend to end with the heroine having learned something and walking out of the room, that’s fine for a STORY win ending, but not for a non-canon video. Losing will be a gigantic problem for her, whether death (still rare), or a fate worse than it (permanent capture, being taken to a planet where unpleasantness will happen etc) so feels certain that she can’t afford to lose.

Related to this, villains will become more villainous. Don’t worry, we’ll still have comedic moments, but the average will become darker. We have a few villains that are a little bit too friendly, and that is going to change. VTV will continue, and maybe expand, as it toes the line between darkness and comedy, and we’ll put our thinking caps on to raise stakes there. There will be more squashes. Start to finish, completely one-sided battles. You like them, we’re going to do more of them, at least one a month. These won’t be their own format, but maybe a transform will also be a squash, or a solo mission will be a squash as well etc..

We will also be working on improving the offering to Members. People who open their emails on Friday and (every other) Tuesday are the life-blood of this project. In this instance I’m happy to hear ideas about specific ways we can make the weekly gift better.

NGC will never be a 100% custom series, it won’t ever be a 50% custom series BUT we are looking for partners who have the means to collaborate with us in this new regime, so make contact privately if you would like a place in that. This will take nothing away from existing slots, and everything we produce will really need to fit with our plans set out above. It will be an important position however, and we will be candid and transparent about what is possible, and you will see a lot of your ideas turn into full videos.

This new regime won’t happen overnight. As I said, we have several unreleased videos that will need to be released, but you’ll like most of them anyway. We will phase all of this in over time, and I hope it is something you can respond to. For the time-being we won’t be making any changes to Photo Set Tuesday releases, or photo sets generally. That is something we have focused on in the past 18 months, and as you’ve seen, sets are now much bigger and more interesting than in the past. Now we are turning our attention back to videos.

That’s it. I’m sure you’ll let me know what you think if you were able to take the time to read it all!


  • Everything you wrote makes sense. Most producers have gone to a 50 % + customs model to de-risk the videos. Will you still keep actresses whose videos are under selling or will they be cut after say 2-3 bad selling videos ? For the bad selling actresses, would they still be available for customs ? Thanks and keep up the great work !

    • I’m prepared to work pretty hard to find a solution, but obviously can’t keep going for long. It will also depend who else is on the roster, who I might be able to cast in a new role. It is conceivable that some actresses could be custom only if they don’t sell without backing.

  • All of this makes perfect sense to me. And without getting into my personal preferences, I find it interesting that the things I tend to not gravitate towards are the things that seem to be under-performing.

    My question relates to your custom talk. I suppose I misunderstood what you meant in the post. Do you mean you will be taking on “advisors” who have purchased customs in the past and are longtime customers of the site who will assist in the planning of future videos? Or are you simply looking for more paying custom customers? (say that sentence three times fast). I’d be interested in the former, as I fall under that category.

    • Wonder if there will ever be a way in the future for people who can’t afford customs somehow have a part in them or a chance tk create their own because some people who can’t afford a custom could still have a really great idea that everyone could like

      • I can see a situation where I might say “Hey, let’s piece something together”. I am considering another ‘design-a-heroine’ particularly with the advent of AI making costume design much easier, but I fear that there wouldn’t be much agreement on who plays the role, and we’d end up with a video that is a bit of a tick-box exercise, but I might be wrong.

    • Unfortunately I mean more financial collaboration. People are free to give opinions at all times, and they will look after their own interests, as I said and understand.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    This is my perspective regarding the last three years so I suspect this isn’t universally true. Hell, might not be true for anyone as I’m about to say some things that might be heretical to a large swath of people who post on here.

    Between Season 4 and the end of 2020, there were roughly 11 reoccurring actresses. I loved 7 of them, 2 of them were good enough and produced the odd “hit” (in my mind) that I was always willing to take a chance on and the other 2 I didn’t care for but I still brought their videos anyway in hopes that they sparked something.

    Fast forward to 2023 and you’ve got roughly the same number of heroines but now I only love 2 of them and I’m really hopefully for one them (c’mon Patriot Girl!). All the others I don’t care for. The result is that I’ve become a lot more discerning in what I buy now. Whereas before I was willing to buy every video every week, now I find myself buying one video, at max two, every month. And even now that I’m doing that, I found myself watching videos and saying “yeah that was okay but will I watch it again? Nope”. And it’s not necessarily that the actresses are bad now. Most of them are okay I think. It’s just that they don’t spark that enjoyment that I once.

    And it’s not as though there aren’t “elements” in these recent videos that have suddenly stopped. I love seeing a heroine pulled around by her hair. If it doesn’t happen is that a deal breaker. Absolutely not (unless I pay for a custom then that’s a different story). I love heroine in skirts and the resulting upskirt shots. But I’ve honestly found Captain Liberty okay at best (blasphemy I know) and I’m not even buying her videos anymore quite frankly. I love seeing snippets of a heroine’s underwear beneath her costume as she’s been beaten. It just adds a bit of femininity to her that I can’t describe. But I also love Majesty (the original one) and had it not been for Alias, she would have been my number 1 favorite actress. And I had originally thought that maybe I’m just not interested in the genre anymore and then I saw the Patriot Girl video from yesterday and she made me feel like I was watching videos from 2019 again. For the first time in three years I felt a kind of hope as I watched this actress really perform at a level that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

    And honestly, I don’t think there’s really any difference between the quality and action of these current videos versus the pre pandemic era. If anything, there’s probably a slight increase in quality I’ve found. But the reality is, once a video reaches a certain threshold of editing, lighting, fight elements and fight choreography, 70% of what’s going to make a video good comes down to the actress and how well she’s able to sell her character and sell peril.

    I’m saying all of this to try to gentle suggest that I don’t think this current crop of actresses are good at selling peril quite frankly. I just can’t get behind many of them. I’ve tried. I’ve watched many of them and my takeaway has virtually been “meh” and a shrug of the shoulders. The result is a video that gets archived never to watch again. I’ve been burned far too many times now that there are 6 heroines that I’ve written off completely. Those 6 have to star along side actresses that I like before I buy their videos. Or have out of the park trailers like this week’s for me to consider taking a chance again. I’m not saying that all the actresses have to be “Virtue-est” (sorry folks but she’s the greatest seller of all time in NGC history. Don’t @ me) but there’s a minimum threshold that a lot of them just don’t reach right now.

    Again, this is just my perspective, my thoughts regarding my journey over the last three years. I know it’s probably in poor taste to criticize actresses who are working hard to deliver on these videos but I can’t help how I feel to be honest.

    • That’s quite interesting, but not something that is easily solved. I think the new approach I plan will give actresses a bit more to work with over the course of a video, but I can’t do a big cast replacement, and even if I did there’s no guarantee you’d like what I replaced them with. We sold more videos in 2022 than we did in 2019, but certainly why you might give something a miss is relevant and interesting, though you also suggest losing interest in the genre overall.

      If I take from this; “The acting in perilous moments could be better” – Then I can work with that, and hope that my version of improvement matches yours.

    • “I love seeing snippets of a heroine’s underwear beneath her costume as she’s been beaten. It just adds a bit of femininity to her that I can’t describe.” 100% agreed. That’s why I liked the new actresses that play Alias and Shining Spirit because they are apparently not averse to it. Maybe that aspect of femininity and vulnerability can be emphasized more in the future without loosing the character of this site, it’s “softcore appeal”. What NGC said with the “darker tone” seems to fit with that

    • I honestly think NGC has spoiled us a bit with fantastic combinations of actress and costume quality in the past, that if something doesn´t click immediately we feel disappointed.

      Things like Season 1 Ep 2 where Angel debuted and instantly was selling peril and throwing kicks like a veteran are not the norm in the industry. That video was HUGE for me. Even Athena had a tenuous first outing but by her second video (and costume change to the “Golden Goddess” attire) was selling her fear perfectly in a great battle against Sebastian Luner which quickly turned one sided.

      But to more realistic examples, my favorite heroine ever is Erica Lynn, specially in her original costume. But looking back at her first few videos it was the looks that she sold more than the acting. Her reactions were not the best and it felt she was annoyed rather than in pain most of the time. But she gradually improved and by Season 3 she did this fantastic video, I think Side Mission 3 out of nowhere, and it cemented her place in my pantheon. Sadly it also meant her disappearance for a long time.

      Maybe the new actresses need a little more time in the oven to perfect their craft, since it´s not an everyday career path for an actor to play a superheroine, even in this Marvel dominated movie space. But maybe we or the producers can´t afford that time in the oven anymore these days, and we may loose some great potential castings just because of it. If I would criticize anything would be I feel there is a sameness in customes (like Carmen Black IV and Lady X virtually being the same but if different colors or too many “Supergirls” like Capt Liberty, Patriot Girl, Lady Atom and now Princess) but that may also come from the fact the producer knows which ones work best in a filming setting and we just look from the outside.

      • Yes, I’ve found the frequent mentions of Erica/Deceptress interesting in this thread. If she arrived on the scene in today’s climate she’d be 3 videos and out. It takes time to nurture people, and similarly Athena took time to find the best way to use her and a better costume etc.. BUT I can’t do anything other than try harder to make every release worthwhile. No point complaining.

        • And I totally value the effort! Your casts worked in the past and at least in my books many of the new faces are working too, and at the end of the day we don´t have to like every video you release, that´s the point of variety and your page offers plenty of that!

  • Part of me is always skeptical about reading things online on this particular day, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke. Look, I like the sound of where the new direction seems to be heading (honestly, I was never the biggest fan of the championship series, a big reason was the lack of stakes in most of them). But honestly, whatever the case may be, I’ll probably be here regardless on Fridays ready to pick up a new release.

    • Lol, yes I noticed that! But it really wouldn’t be funny to turn around and laugh “ha ha! I’m not doing ANY of that!”

  • I am a fan of photo set Tuesdays as well as photo sets for videos.
    I’ll buy videos but there are times where I either can’t buy a video yet or don’t know enough about it to feel comfortable buying. There’s been quite a few videos where I was on the fence and a good photo set sold me on buying it.

    I am excited to hear about the push towards having more superheroine defeats/squashing of heroines. However, I do think a lot of it comes down to the execution of it.
    I’ve had purchases where even though it was an actress I liked and had bought videos for in the past, I disliked the video itself. I’ve also had it where an actress who I’m not a fan of stars in a video that becomes one of my favorites.
    I mention that because I don’t want to see new actresses sidelined because of a bad video.

    • No one will get side-lined for a single bad release. I always look to what I’ve done wrong in terms of not making the scene compelling enough, I will try and put the character in different formats or situations. If all those attempts fail, at that point I have to admit that people probably aren’t that interested in the character. There is no one on the cast not giving their all. Some are at different points in development, but I cannot fault effort, so I will try as hard as I can to make everyone successful. What won’t happen after a bad release, is a lazy use of the character in a similar way, with a scene of no real stakes, and just hope that the previous release was bad luck. That would be silly.

  • I’m one of those “Loyalist Ultras” you mentioned, who hasn’t missed a release for the last couple of years, and am absolutely loving it all.
    Maybe I’m just easy to please… but then when I occasionally buy a video from other studios, I may like parts of it, but a lot of it isn’t my thing.
    But then I found NGC, and you make exactly what I want to see: well performed combat focused videos (with the occasional bit of bondage thrown in for spice 😉 ) with just enough variation in tone and character (and how one-sided it is) to keep me interested and coming back week after week for more.
    Saddened to hear that some recent videos have been bombing, and that you’re already predicting which future videos will bomb. The economy is really sucking right now, but I’ve honestly not regretted a single purchase.

    Even though I’m still 100% loving it, I can understand the need to see what you can change and adapt to try to hit those bigger sales.
    As long as NGC is still uniquely NGC, I’ll remain and ultra loyalist 😀

  • Upping the stake will be amazing because it means upping the humiliation.

    That can easily transform a mediocre performance to an urgent one. I loved Lady X’s actress from Alpha Designation Part 1 because her fear of losing her rank was so palpable. However, in Angel on the Shoulder, she was fighting for… a friend feud? It would work well for a narrative (would have worked extra well if the story takes place after we’re more familiar with Lady X’s character), but for the peril, especially the psychological peril, it failed to excite me as much as Alpha Designation Part 1 did.

    Similar with Wonderstrike. I loved her old videos when it would be a big gamble to use her blast since it exhausted much of her power. For most recent videos that element of peril is mostly gone, which is sad given she had been one of my favorites.

    I also think setting up more specific “weakness” for those characters would be helpful too, so when they’re at the losing end of the battle, we aren’t just watching them being shoved around. Instead, we would know (for them) how scared they should be. Celeste’s Revenge Cries Out is a good negative example. The beatdown was amazingly choreographed but after Celestia getting KO for a few time I started to feel bored, because the situation wasn’t getting more perilous. On the other hand, Spectrum’s character was an amazing example in that regard in general. We know she’s weaker in her base form, and the more she exhausts her transformation, the closer we know the end is near. I always love when the heroines are humiliated because their power fails them.

    The weakness can also come from the circumstance. I think the most recent Captain Liberty’s Plan B was amazing because of the energy-draining device. We audience know exactly what would push her to the losing end of the battle. I wouldnt exactly categorize these setup as “upping the stake”, but they do show a clearer stake, illustrating a clearer path to humiliation, which engages audience along this peril journey.

    That being said, I’m always impressed by the CONSISTENT quality of NGC’s output. If you’re thinking about making the future videos better, it sounds like adding icing on an already-delicious cake.

  • therealdon says:

    Really appreciate the transparency! While I am a little saddened with less releases for championship and action cosplay, Im very excited to see this repivot to darker undertones in videos! Looking forward to future releases 🙂

  • As long as “dark” doesn’t equal gratuitous violence, then I’m entirely on board.

    I’ve liked the campiness of some videos personally and have always enjoyed that y’all don’t lean into the more explicit elements that other studios go into. Eager to see where things go on this new path.

    Here’s to the future!

  • First, it’s sad to hear that some recent videos have seriously underperformed. I’m awfully curious which ones, and while there are clues herein I’m sure I’d probably guess wrong on at least some. I think I’m one of the easier-to-please people around here, since I like a lot of NGC offerings (while having lost interest in virtually all other SHIP producers for a few years now.) Regardless, I’m sorry some things have been going poorly.
    I appreciate the choice to share some of the conditions that are influencing decisions going forward about NGC’s operations and products. I figure I’m one of those “ultra” consumers, since I’m here all the time and buy stuff, but that doesn’t make me entitled to these kinds of insights. It’s nice to experience such transparency and forethought, though.
    The only thing I can offer in return is probably the least useful thing, which is thoughts on how this affects me! Regarding the bad news, I’m disappointed that the story episodes will be less frequent, because the story entries have extra appeal to me. Not long ago, I suggested making story entries more frequent, with the idea that if the story moved faster it wouldn’t be as adversely affected by changes in cast and other things, but that was probably wishful thinking. Still, if the slowing down the story can make it more stable and deliberate, that’s probably a benefit in the long run. So, maybe not so bad.
    Bad news pt. 2: Championship videos less frequent. Not bad news, IMO. I noticed a while back that there seemed to be fewer of them than there used to be and speculated that they’d gotten better (or at least, more interesting to me) as a result. I felt like the ones that were being made had more uniqueness, novel ideas, intriguing gimmicks, serious implications, and I liked them more, so this makes a ton of sense.
    Pt. 3: Less Action Cosplay. Not sure how I feel about this. I used to love AC, because the story there was really interesting and the cast, though small, was high-quality. Now, the AC story is a bit adrift and the AC roster has shrunk down, it seems, to Marvelette and a bunch of Supremacies. Even Metro Girl was a Supremacy, last we saw her. There’s just too many Supergirls for me. There have still been some fun videos in that series in the last couple of years, though, so if the direction is to focus more on especially compelling situations with the “cosplay” characters again, this might not be bad news either.
    As for the good news: more Transform videos, higher stakes, more despicable villains, VTV continuing… yeah that all sounds good. I don’t really mind videos where the consequences of failure aren’t the most dire, but I certainly understand that videos have a bit of extra juice when it feels like the heroines are fighting for their futures.
    I’m not sure what to think about the new collaborative opportunities sketched here, but the words “new collaborative opportunities” sound really good. I wish I had a great idea off the top of my head to make members’ gifts better, but I don’t. Doesn’t mean I won’t have an idea, but nothing leaps to mind. The clips offered currently are a really good use of existing resources, since the footage is already shot it just takes a bit of extra editing to make a new piece that has real value. I guess the best ideas would be along the same lines, in the sense of leveraging existing resources to provide an extra benefit.
    Regardless, thanks for giving us an update on new directions, and good luck in the future.

    • The story will be stronger for it. It is one of those things where you have to carry as many people as possible with you, and we weren’t doing that. AC has probably been most hurt by the pandemic and the people lost in that period, because it relied on fewer people as it was. I think you are right about the Championship, and it will now be stronger as a result too.

    • Yeah Seeing Metro Girl as another Supergirl rather than in her blue catsuit stung a bit, specially since I´m no fan of the style of costume of Supergirl in general. I had assumed not having to made custom made outfits for the heroines would mean the AC videos would be the cheapest to mass produce but reading your comment I too realized the cast shrunk down massively, so maybe we were unlucky with the pandemic in that front.

      I still think cosplay oriented content has huge potential to attract younger fans or people outside of the regular SHIP space, and with NGC unique focus on combat I hope they keep being made. They don´t even need an over arching storyline to follow and can be episodic adventures.

      • I’m less certain on the direction of AC. With Metro-Girl, we made the mistake of destroying a really good costume, and then could never seem to get hold of one that fitted or looked as good. AC costumes for the most part are mass produced, and very often a bit of a punt in terms of sizing and quality. I ordered some recently and they would fit a 6’5 250lb man. I’m astonished that they made them that size at all, and it certainly wasn’t what I ordered. Quality is a factor also. I’d pretty much kill for a service that charged a little more and I could be assured of quality. It is okay for photo sets, as you have seen, and will see in the future, but durability and practicality in a video shoot is a whole other matter. We’ll have to see. Certainly I don’t want to keep making SG videos, but I need to try and make compelling alternatives, not straightforward sadly.

        • Hope that costume destruction video worked out at least in the financial side of things if you couldn´t replace it ^^ It´s kinda sad since the character that costume is based on is a personal fav of mine but I also see the point, those cheap zentai suits may work for some photos or taking once to a convention, but they wear out fast and are basically disposable.

          I don´t know how things work in the UK or what stores are available, but for a time I worked behind the scenes in a logistics and event planning company and ended up being related to my local cosplay community for a while. Apparently the golden standard is a US store called RPC Studio (but they are pricy AF), Aliexpress is the perfect place for cheap suits for photos or using once (20-30 USD including shipping, some vendors there offer custom sizing for a fee) and sites like Herostime or Zentaihero are basically upgraded version of the aliexpress stuff with better fabrics and offer custom measurements (which may not be useful if you don´t have a particular actress yet casted, but I also know one Russian producer is using them and some costumes have multiple seasons of releases). There´s also a big chinese site called Miccostumes but it´s more focused on anime stuff (they do have some comics and videogame things though)

          Things from Amazon or Ebay are not worthy because they sell the same chinese stuff from Wish or Aliexpress but overprice it. That´s what I can recall I wish I could offer some solid advice but I can certainly ask around and send some more detailed info via email even if AC is winding down its schedule 🙂

          • Thanks that’s helpful. I know of a couple of these, but not all of them, yes the Wish and AliExpress stuff is really hopeless, you can’t do a fight scene in it, and it often doesn’t even look right in photos. I’ll check the expensive one out, because however much they cost, it will be less than I pay for bespoke NGC costumes and may well be worth it.

          • You are welcome! Being a big fan for years if I can help in any way to make your video production even 1% easier besides buying your products I´m glad to help!

            And it seems I mistook RPC Studio for Arachnid Studios, which is the proper US website I was thinking about, and doesn´t seem to be as pricey. Although I kinda love that RPC Studio has a FAQ section in which they link a video of some breakdancing Spidermen to showcase the durability of their costumes ^^

            (sorry I replied to my own comment, for some reason I can´t reply directly to yours)

  • For me personally, I just miss Deceptress aka Erica Lynn. She was the best. But for now: I like that it might go into a “darker” direction. I think what would make me buy more videos than those of my favorites would be: More humiliation and higher stakes. Humiliation: I know this site is very softcore, so it could only slightly increase, but to add a few more “peril elements” like mocking the heroine, more bondage, enslavement, maybe even physical peril like little wedgies, spanking or minor undressing (everything in line with what the actress is willing to do of course) could spice it up a lot. But even if not: I like the way the site has shifted in the last couple of years and I really like the new talent you’ve aquired

    • I always feel even a small costume removal/destruction (like taking off a cape, boots, gloves, belts ,etc) goes a long way into the humiliation category without involving something directly sexual like groping or spankings. But I won´t lie some upskirt shots or some wedgies (specially in some full body catsuits if the bad guy manages to catch the heroines underwear under it) would be fantastic to see, but I also feel the reason so many actresses stayed with NGC for so many years (like Deceptress or Athena which were favs of mine) was exactly the lack of those elements and the respect shown to them in general, with heroines actually being able to win and not dying at the end of every video.

      So that could be an idea not worth pursuing

  • I’ve sat and wondered what to say. I’m not an ultra but I do buy frequently. Big fan of the photo sets. Glad to hear the new direction with the story. With so many vids I can’t afford to see all of them to get the ongoing story so I’ve often been lost. Sad to hear there have been bombs but I feel that goes with the territory with how much you produce. Its taken a bit but I’m starting to warm up to some of the new heroines. Losing some of my favorites like Deceptress and Sonica stung for a bit. I’m glad for the tone shift as well. It doesn’t need to be Uber violent or anything but there needs to be a weight to losing other than the heroine simply doesn’t get the bad guy. Humiliation is always a plus for me and can work in some humor as well. Can’t wait for more transformation vids

  • Honestly I think it´s insane (in a good way) that you have managed to keep a video releases almost every week, (and added photosets to the offering) but to a point I think that has also spoiled us. We know we can miss a release but just get next week´s video, and some gems may have slipped my radar that way.

    But I also HUGELY appreciate your prices consistently staying under 20 USD per video. Other producers do longer videos yes but are asking 80 USD for a pre order and 100 USD for the released products. I used to make 800-1000 USD a month but insane inflation has cut my wages to 400 USD equivalent, which as you say has forced me to be picky, so I might wait for the return of a costume or actress I like rather than risk it in new content )in the case of Alias this may be extra painful, since I love the actress but knowing she can wear literally anything I may skip a release where is not wearing a costume I particularly like). NGC has always been affordable, I just can´t justify a 80 USD video unless it somehow matches my every taste, so I highly respect your offerings regarding variety and quality vs the price, it´s unmatched in the industry. In a way you started in a global Crisis back in 07-08 and now may live through another one still selling a very strong product 🙂

    Having said that, the Erica vs Dominator was a fav of mine, but I remember most of my hype came from the fact it was Erica´s return video after a long while. It ended up being a fantastic beatdown, but the context probably helped. A very similar video of Erica vs Nemesis in the champ may have not done as well just because of us taking the actress for granted (I still bought it at release though ^^). So spacing out both the story and Championship videos will surely help generate more expectations and hype around those. Really hope that works for you sales wise.

    You also always seem to nail fantastic talent in your castings, both for good and bad guys, so even if we miss some that left, you somehow keep bringing the magic back for me with some new additions! That´s very commendable rather than just rotating between 3 or 4 actresses, because it makes your world feel alive and adds huge variety for us, also with original costumes we don´t see anywhere else!

    I will try to vote with my wallet more in the future and hope the project keeps going as long as it works out for you since you have released tons of fantastic content and I want to see what comes out of your mind going forward! 🙂

    Have a nice week!

  • I don’t want to get too off-track here, as I think some people have read the wrong thing into what I’m setting out here.

    This is mainly about our efforts to stop making “okay” videos. That is to say, heroine fights ‘meh’ villain, all the fighting, camerawork, acting notes are there, and in the end she might have got KO’d once, and just walks off a bit irritated in the lose ending. I want that kind of thing to end.

    It is much easier to make an “okay” video 50% better, than to make a great video 5% better.

    Villains will have more edge to them, and losing will be a big big problem for the heroine. This doesn’t mean we’re going to start spanking people (I don’t understand how that giant leap was made), but it does mean we should make more things you really love, more frequently.

    The note about pricing was important. I am working as hard as I can to keep costs down. I’d aim to have 90% of videos under $25 for the foreseeable future, inflation pending.

    I want our videos to be ‘unskippable’ while simultaneously not killing you financially. That is what this move is all about.

  • By totally lose do you also plan maybe like at the end of the fights I love when the heroine gets up then faints back down because it shows how defeated they were. It would be cool if we can continue to see this

  • Had a lot of thoughts regarding this post, but they are all pretty much uselessly related to myself, so I’ll just say thanks for the update, looking forward to the changes and direction this site goes. No matter the actress or video concept, I think one thing is certain, the quality of your video-making has steadily improved year by year, so I’ll put my faith in that.


  • When I read the title I thought this might be the end! I was a regular purchaser for many years but like so many people, I’ve been getting financially pick pocketed from every angle and every month it seems to get worse. I still check into the site most days to keep on top of current releases but unfortunately my NGC purchases are gonna have to hold off until I have disposable income. I’m sure I won’t be alone in my decision. Hopefully the economy picks up soon and sky high bills etc fall🤞

  • Hi, First of all – I understand your business concerns and calculations. I may not be happy with that, but it is business which must be profitable for you… And it was, and still is – hard time in real life. I was also less active in this site because of this and lack of time and money… Anyway I want to say that I understand you and I’m happy I found this side, you are really making this great.

    About informations itself – sad to hear some of informations – for example about Championship. I really like this ground. But with promise of doing it less but much more ‘extra’ – it sounds promissing. I would prefer to have 1 vid in half a year, but in mentioned level of Erica vs Dominator (one of my favourites too), than many similar and less spectacular videos. So it maybe in bad news, but I’m still optimistic, I hope you will be able to do it! 🙂

    About higher price for loosing – I’ m waiting for this with anticipation! For a really long time I was (sometimes) really upset that there are only a few very bad ends – also canonic bad ends. More often heroines just ‘dissapeard’ somewhere between stories (for example because they moved on), but it made empty area; their end wasn’t shown only told. And some more punish on bad end sounds great – higer motivation for fight and putting all strenght to victory. And more variations – sometimes bad and good end was almost similar… I pretty exaited about this part. I wondering already how will you do that and if it will be sucessful.

    One sided squashed also sound good. I’m up for variations, but totally defeat has it’s charm for sure. I just wondering… if it would be in transform, then how it made heroine to transform…? she would rather die / quit after that than become hero… just my thought, maybe not best one, but I just wanted to point on that… Probably you have already some vision which will make sence for this, during all those years I learned to trust in your plans 😀

    I’m also full of admiration that you write that all! And whats more – chats… thats really a lot of communication which not everyone put for their clients. Thanks for that! 🙂

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