No Holds Barred – 1st Previews

This weekend… Miss Freedom takes on Alaric in one of the most epic fights we have ever shot. A mission set up by her old Elite Force boss Michael Sampson goes awry and Miss Freedom is left to go toe-to-toe with one of the mightiest villains. She starts strongly, but oh boy do things go downhill fast!


  • Krishnam Jhunjhunwala says:

    I’m totally loving this one already… Just wanna know, why isn’t there a from camera for the backbreaker ever??? Why is it just from the side??? I agree that her face and all are important during the crunch but a front view also can make it look crazy….

    Just a thought!

  • Krishnam Jhunjhunwala says:

    So isn’t it editable?? Like putting both cameras and shooting from the angles and editing the video to show both front and side one by one???

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