Office Rescue – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, and Sunday on this website… ‘Office Rescue’ finds a concerned Celestia going in search of her friend Miss Freedom, who mysteriously vanished during an undercover mission. It is thought she may have been captured by the Roman Organization in some way. Celestia arrives in disguise, and John is waiting…


  • Lots of great things about this:
    1) a follow-up episode (outside of the main story);
    2) a new “Transform” entry;
    3) heroine in glasses
    4) Celestia;
    5) AOH restraints;
    6) a “cabinet”-type torment device;
    7) chains;
    8) knockouts;
    9) Celestia!

  • Unfortunately I can’t pull out beautiful heroines out off my pocket like you do. But I have some thoughts about who could be in such devilish chamber. @adrewadmin

  • been really enjoying seeing the lovely heroines getting put into some sort of bondage. Really drives home the helplessness

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