On Guard – 1st Previews

The Deceptress is back in action this weekend as she tries to keep a large piece of Redstone out of the hands of the Pirate Requiem! Her plan is to force the villain to track her over hundreds of multi-verses, in the hope she’ll give up. Erica splits across all of these multi-verses too, so many clones will be sacrificed!


  • Looks good! Reallly hoping we get something other than a punch or kick KO for the final lose ending though. Past few releases have been very focused on that form of ending and was hoping for a change soon. But let me reiterate: this is not an attack! Lol just stating my thoughts as a long time fan.

  • It’s amazing, I’m really excited about the video and the photos. Christmas is saved, there are no more Ps5 but two updates with Erica Lynn. She is so beautiful. Thanks 😁

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