Operation Strikeback – Final Previews

Out already for our Members, Sunday for everyone else on this site…. ‘Operation Strikeback’ is Malicia’s attempt to take out pesky superheroines with super-powered chloroform, it isn’t enough to simply knock them out anymore, they need to be weakened and exploded! Pairing with the Anvil, they ought to be a match for any super-fool, however, when Patriot-Girl and Captain Liberty make their own unlikely team, things aren’t so straightforward!


  • Awesome video! And what a dream cast! 🙂
    Amazing performances from everybody.
    I loved the interaction between Patriot-Girl and Captain Liberty (or is that “Corporal Idiot”? 😆 ) Everything I hoped it’d be. I also loved the interaction between Malicia and Anvil.
    The action was amazng, and definitely a treat for any chloro fans out there.
    The accompanying photo-set was great too, with some fun action with patriot-Girl, and a gorgeous posed set with the captain (I think she knocked me out at the end there 😀 )

    Definitely starting the year out with a bang! 🙂

    • ^^^ My thoughts exactly ^^^

      I also liked the fact that Patriot-Girl seemed to inadvertently acknowledge a weakness to Chloroform. Seems like something you could run with in future videos.
      Definately another stellar video from NGC.

    • People really seem to have taken to this one, which is great. It would be bad if Patriot-Girl kept getting ko’d by chloroform, wouldn’t it? She’s meant to be invincible!

  • This is the first time we’ve really seen interactions in the field between Elite Force and Guardian Angel heroines, right? Definitely opens up some interesting possibilities in the future. Really fun video.

    • Yes, I think in general Patriot-Girl was always going to be the most hostile, though I think Shining Spirit might be wary for different reasons.

  • Some videos seem like they’re made just for me and this is one of them. I’m a huge fan of good chloro content and this has a lot of it. We hear the magic word sparingly, just once I think from an affected heroine rather than the villains and that really worked for me. I’m pretty sure it’s the first encounter with the dreaded cloth for both of these heroines and their performances are excellent. Patriot-Girl especially nails the subtle surrender, the slackening effect that I like to see when a heroine falls victim.
    Malicia and Captain Liberty are always spectacular, no less so here. Malicia had a characteristically wonderful moment when she and Anvil are dragging Patriot-Girl up by her hair–she gently caresses PG’s head before grabbing the back of her scalp to yank her to her feet. And her cackles of victory as each heroine succumbs are terrific. Meanwhile, and this is no secret, I can’t get enough Cap Liberty. She’s miraculous.
    Which brings me to the photoset! Great PG photos with the villains and CL is magnificent. There’s one wonderful picture where she breaks character with a little showbiz flourish, glad that was included. The CL character is always so severe, it’d be great to see this actress get a chance to play something with a lighter touch now and then.

    • “There’s one wonderful picture where she breaks character with a little showbiz flourish, glad that was included.”

      Yes, I really loved that one too. I always enjoy those occasional photos that show them goofing around and having a bit of fun. There was also a good one last week, with Majesty and Ubiquity waving their fists in a funny manner
      The bigger sets allow room for that kind of thing.

    • @Dr Mabuse – I agree that it would be nice if Captain Liberty scowled less as it’s hard to tell how good she is as an actress while scowling. It’s the only thing that I don’t like about CL. The video was overall good though as there was plenty of chloro and Malicia and Anvil seemed to be having ‘a blast’. 🙂

      • We got to see a bit of her range in “Perfect Practice” when she was playing the simulant. Love to see more, maybe an Action Cosplay character?

        • And don’t forget the couple of minutes at the end of “I Become You” where she was playing Dominator, with a very nice evil laugh. (I’d still really like to see a sequel to that one)

          As for an Action Cosplay character, I proposed the idea a while back that I’d love to see her as a new Shadow Fox (having already seen how good she looks in a purple catsuit)

          And, for the record, I love her scowl 🙂

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