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OUT NOW at ActionCosplay.com – ‘Toxic Fans’ sees Marvelette fall into a trap set by a villainess called ‘Chaotica’ who has posed as a fan of hers on social media in order to goad her into confrontation. Now the villain will use all the weapons at her disposal to film humiliating KO’s that could end Marvelette’s burgeoning career!

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  • Man, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. This Marvelette actress is fantastic. She does a kick ass job in the fight scenes, and then turns in an exceptional performance as the distressed heroine in the ending (which in itself, is probably a top 5 ending for me). I think I said this in her first appearance, but she does such a great job making you she believes she’s in danger (a lot of it through the way she delivers her lines, but also through her facial expressions). Get her in a Danger Room, STAT (though, this really felt like an AC version of the Danger Room, so maybe thats why I liked it so much?)!

    And I don’t want to short change Chaotica, who despite her name (it must just refer to her attire, though, in the brief time she’s wearing the gas mask, it felt like it really completed the ensemble), remains a crafty, wily opponent. There was a little moment halfway through after Marvelette shows some defiance where Chaotica briefly loses her cool, I’d love to see her lean into that more, show off a bit of an unhinged side when things don’t go her way (She’s a fun villain, so hopefully there will be many more appearances).

    Anyway, kudos, and as someone who’s been following since S1E1, thanks for still finding ways to keep me impressed!

    • Very kind. They both did really well, particularly when you consider how new this stuff is to both of them. I’m looking forward to doing more with both of them.

    • No plans at the moment, simply on the basis that we’ve got a very full heroine roster now, even if you’ve not seen all of it yet.
      We also cast new villains and you’ll be getting more of them soon as well!

  • I whole-heartedly agree with Ceej on this video. The new Marvelette has done the near-impossible by ably filling the boots of her predecessor. She’s excellent with fight scenes and perhaps even better at peril. As great as she is (and I can’t wait to see her as Shining Spirit in the main setting) I also want to highlight Chaotica. She’s absolutely wonderful, easy with a withering remark, and cuts an impressive figure. She seems imposing and dangerous, despite her whimsical manner. NGC casting remains undefeated.
    Congratulations on a great video (and congrats to us for getting to enjoy it.)

  • clutchking says:

    KO fans you are in for a treat with this one as they come in both great quantity and quality. The whole video has kind of a meta-voyeur angle to it and it is a pleasure to watch, I must say.

    Is this Marvelette the best-ever Assert Films actress when it comes to fight scenes? Quite possibly, and that’s an illustrious list we’re talking about here. She’s smooth and natural with her motions and you believe she’s trying to win even as she loses so, so badly. And when she kicks high, it is truly a sight to behold.

    Question 2: Did Chaotica steal the show here? Some of her line readings are truly outstanding, equal parts mischievous, cruel, and kind of scary. She looks to be having a ton of fun doing what she’s doing to Marvelette, maybe even more fun than we’re having watching.

    “This is great content, keep it up!” Pure. Evil.

    Excellent, straight-forward plot here too set up by a lovely bit of voiceover from Marvelette at the start. Once things start to go downhill for Marvelette, they REALLY go downhill, and I feel guilty saying I could not look away from her downfall.

    I know Marvelette will soon get to play her own, original character in Shining Spirit, which is wonderful, but I hope that you all keep producing more Marvelette videos with this actress as long as the ideas keep coming in.

    Instant fave.

    • I agree that Chaotica had an incredible debut. I missed that “This is great content, keep it up!” line the first time around, good catch! Marvelette was amazing as well.

  • Excellent video, with amazing performances from both actresses.
    Marvelette was an instant fave with her first video, and she continues to bring that same fighting-fury to the action scenes (that jumping spinny kick about half way through…ooh-boy!) and does equally well with the peril, and there was a nice variety of it in this video
    Chaotica was a brilliant new addition to the rogues gallery. Highly entertaining. I look forward to seeing her take on some more heroines.

  • Where to begin? I only just now got around to watching this one and I HAD to come right away to congratulate you guys on the fight choreography on this one.

    Simply AMAZING!!!!

    Loved the back and forth and the moves on both girls were simply astonishing. I love a battle of strikes so this one was right up my alley.

    Hope to see more of both ladies soon!

  • Also enjoyed the Video a lot. But I’m curious: Did the actress change her underwear in the middle of the shoot? Because at the beginning, her panty lines were quite good to see underneath her pantyhose and in the second half, they were not.
    I don’t mind at all if they are visible, it’s actually quite sexy, but was it a decision by the actress or by the studio?

    I am also looking forward to see her as Shining Spirit.

      • I want to apologize for my comment, I realized that it was very inappropriate. I hope I didn’t put you or the actress in a situation that made you uncomfortable. I am really sorry.

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