OUT NOW: Alias v Majesty

OUT NOW at NGCChampionship.com… Alias takes on Majesty in a heroine v heroine Iron Lady clash! Amazing action, as you can see:

Stop reading this and get it HERE.


  • Excellent championship video 🙂
    Amazing performances from both heroines, and lots of awesome action. Round 3 was particularly intense, with lots of back and forth. I really loved both endings (though it seems my track record of always voting for the losing side is still holding 😉 )
    Wonderful accompanying photo-set too 🙂

    • My experience reflects those of Guido’s.
      Great little video.
      I especially liked how Alias chose Lady Atom in round 3 and how that “leveled the playing field” so to speak.
      Excellent job by everyone involved in this production.
      I really enjoyed it.
      Thank you.

  • The fight was good. The special flashes from the Lightstalker punches were neat and the Announcer counting during the sleeper hold was funny. The insults between Majesty and Alias were funny too. Overall it was a lot of fun ! 🙂

  • I want both of them to suffer lots of facepunches. Very often i prefer that one girl loses badly against another, but in this very particular case i think i woud enjoy a really even-handed mutual beatdown brawl.

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