OUT NOW: Alias v Midnight

OUT NOW at NGCChampionship.com – ‘Alias v Midnight’ sees the brave blonde battle the vicious giant in a battle for supremacy that the Announcer has decided she DEFINITELY won’t win. In Sonica and Starshot costumes she is woman-handled like never before, ending surely in a helpless defeat! Catch ALL the action NOW!


  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Alias is straight up amazing. She’s the best performer in NGC right now and it’s not even fair competition anymore. Just completely blows everyone out the water with any video she stars in and this is no exception. Amazing vocals, amazing expressions. Fights well, portrays a cocky attitude great and is a great actress. And that’s before we get to how amazing she looks just naturally. She’s the complete package.

  • Awesome video, with an amazing performance from one of my very favourite NGC stars. Alias consistently blows me away in every video or photo-set she appears in.

    This is the second video with both Alias and Midnight, and once again they work really well together. They definitely have a chemistry on screen, and turn out some really fast-paced action. There were lots of highlights in the fight. Plugging her mouth with her own cape to stop the scream made me laugh out loud… and what he did later to similarly stop the Starshot teleport power made me wince 😆 And he certainly brought out his brutal side, even after the count had been called.

    The Announcer was also great, as always, and he and Alias had some great banter throughout. Taking her voice away (whilst she’s as Sonica, no less) is another example of how scary an opponent he can be, behind his fun facade.

    And an absolutely gorgeous photo-set, highlighting Alias in both iconic costumes.
    Wonderful 🙂

  • Gods it was good seeing both of these costumes in action again! And on the absolutely STUNNING Alias no less! This is her best performance yet, and that’s saying something given how consistently great she is. I love how intimidating and threatening Midnight is as well. I would love a recurring rivalry between these two!

  • Overall it was good. Lots of fast paced action by both Alias and Midnight and the Announcer was his usual unbiased self 🙂

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