OUT NOW: Alpha Designation – Part 1

OUT NOW at ActionCosplay.com – A new heroine falls into a terrible 2 v 1 trap as dark organisation ‘Logic’ attempt to destroy her before she receives major Federation funding. She might be strong, but will her inexperience cost her in this outnumbered battle? Find out now… CLICK HERE


  • This is going to be the short form review, but both ladies crushed it and I’m super intrigued about what part 2 holds!

  • clutchking says:

    “In the name of the Federation, you’re under arrest!”

    And with that, a new heroine enters the fold.

    It’s a fine debut for Supremacy, who is more than comfortable portraying the kind of back-and-forth fight that Assert Films does so well. The same goes for Timeless, a wicked new villainess with a power that would appear to give her a huge leg up on pretty much any girl who makes the mistake of crossing her path. She also takes a fair share of punishment from this video’s male villain, so for fans of punching-heavy battles, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

    Try as she might (and she tries so, so hard), Supremacy cannot overcome a ridiculously stacked deck as she faces 2-to-1 odds and Timeless – quite literally – stopping her in her tracks. Personally, I think she showed enough to earn herself “Alpha” status, but I’ve always been a soft touch like that.

    Full disclosure: I originally planned to buy this because of the Marvelette Member Gift that came with it, but I was not disappointed by Supremacy’s first entry. Again, if you like one-sided beatdowns with plenty of believable hits and a promising new heroine, this is a must-buy.

  • Wow! Incredible!
    I can already say that I absolutely love both the new heroine and the new villainess. A really strong debut for both actresses. They really hit the ground running.
    I can definitely say I’ll be looking forward to future videos with them.

    • I really hope not!
      The boots are my favourite part of the costume. They’re just screaming to be kept ON

      But then boots are my favourite thing…and those super-shiny red boots are my favourite NGC boots…so I’m very biased 😉

      • But don’t you also feel the need to see her shiny feet exposed? I love these shiny tights NGC puts on our heroines and we need to see that sometimes they can’t protect our heroines!

        • – “But don’t you also feel the need to see her shiny feet exposed?”

          No. Feet totally gross me out. They always have. While, on the other hand, I could happily look at boots all day (and often do 😉 )
          Indeed she does have lovely legs, and the costume already shows off her wonderful thighs. And, in my view, the high heel of the boot beautifully accents the shape of a woman’s leg.

          It’s all personal taste. We all have our preferences 🙂

  • Nice one. Good performance of the new characters. Hope this is a keeper for a longer period. Although the greatest enemy of the heroine was the wooden floor.

  • Supremacy is a terrific actress! From the first punch she took, I knew she was gonna be great. Hope she gets into NGC.

  • Just watched it last night. This is amazing. The new actress’ vocal performance is phenomenal. She absolutely sold the peril aspect– I could literally see the fear in her eyes when she received the first few hits. She realized she was in danger yet she didn’t give in to the danger. It made me engage in the film so much more. Can’t wait for part 2!

  • The actress for Supremacy is, um, pretty amazing? lol

    She basically sold everything to perfection. As 33SP said above, her vocal reactions to each hit were on point. Hope we see this actress stick around. Any plans on what kind of character she would play over on the NGC side, though?

    Timeless seemed like a nice new villainess as well. My only gripe with this vid was that Supremacy should have absolutely wiped the floor with the suited bad dude just to display her power a bit more. The dude should have taken one punch from Supremacy and been like, yeah, you two ladies take it from here, lol.

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