OUT NOW: Captain Liberty v Dr Progress

OUT NOW at NGCChampionship.com – ‘Captain Liberty v Dr Progress’ – Our heroine finds herself effectively in a 2 v 1 as all the odds are stacked against her. But she is nothing if not resolute and mighty, can she defeat these dangerous threats? An absolute hum-dinger this one.

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  • Awesome video! Captain Liberty gives another amazing performance, and once again shows why she’s the top of my favourites list. Great performance from Dr Progress too, a bad guy who is always a lot of fun to watch.
    Great action, with some nice gimmicks thrown in for good measure.
    And a wonderful photo set to accompany it.

    • Very kind of you to say. She was brilliant for us in 2021. This video is a very strong Championship entry, so much action, I’m very pleased with it.

  • Overall it was really good ( and 21 + minutes long !). Could not figure out why Captain Liberty left the hammer in the ring unless it was because she was overconfident 🙂

  • A little late again, but this is a marvelous video. Captain Liberty remains at the top of my current favorites list due to performances like this. I’m also loving the Dr Progress run in the ring recently. He’s got the right flair for these fights and his penchant for finding ways to give himself an unfair advantage is very consistent with the Championship contest.
    It looks like Captain Liberty has made an enemy of the Announcer, and I’m all for that. They each need a good antagonist, and I hope that continues.

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