OUT NOW: Chaotic Reclaim at ActionCosplay.com!

OUT NOW at ActionCosplay.com – ‘Chaotic Reclaim’ sees Chaotica battle Power-Woman in a classic struggle as the mischievous villainess aims to bring down the Federation’s intelligence network. Can Power-Woman stop her?? CLICK HERE to find out!


  • Fantastic!!! 😀
    As you know, ever since Power-Woman’s first video last June, I’m one of those members who’s been campaigning heavily for her return. And here she is!!! I’m so happy. And even happier that her return has lived up to all my expectations, and more!
    Everything I loved about her performance in “Power” is on display again in full force. That glorious journey from super-confident heroine to helpless and defeated that she does so well. And the way she acted out the dizzying effects of Chaotica’s watch was superb.
    Chaotica, of course, was amazing as always. Just like Malicia before her, she’s a villainess that’s simply a joy to watch in every video she’s done.
    The action was incredible, both before and after the tables get turned. And all that talk of Chaotica’s new friend, Doctor Malevolent… that’s a sequel I’d dearly love to see.

    Wonderful accompanying photo-set, with some great action shots (particularly all those shots of Chaotica’s scissor hold), and plenty of gorgeous shots of Power-Woman (with a lovely smile often on display 🙂 )

    You’ve done your part in bringing her back. Now it’s our turn. Everyone… go and buy it!

  • I want to start buying it. Wow, what interesting and attractive sequels will we see? I hope that you are up-to-date in all matters, including fighting techniques and submissions, and also long, of course, that you are on this path, and also if the length of the videos is longer, for example, if you have interesting sequences in mind for this video today, consider it. Thank you🤗⚡💥🔥🧩♟⭐


    • Start buying it? Sorry that doesn’t make sense. I don’t really understand your comments on here today. If you have a specific question then perhaps I can help, but I think the smartest thing to sate your curiosity is to just buy it.

  • There was something about Power Woman’s line delivery that was reminding me of something, and it took all video for it to click, it was very similar to Lady Victory (which is a good thing in my mind….or ears in this case). Anyway, a very welcome return, and Chaotica is tremendously entertaining. Curious to see if the mentions of a Dr Malevolent will lead to something

    • Yes, I also had the exact same thoughts about hearing a touch of Lady Victory in some of her line delivery. Particularly the way she delivered “I find justice thrilling.”

  • This…video…is…FANTASTIC!!! The return of Power Woman, this time against Chaotica, was more than everything I could have hoped for. Both actresses were stupendous in their respective parts, the dialogue was at its best, and the fight choreography was simply incredible. Both women sold both receiving and taking blows to perfection, and the sight of the gorgeous Power Woman splayed out on the floor several times was a sight to behold. An absolutely fantastic job with both the direction and camerawork as well. Really, really a remarkable acheivement. I hope we continue to see more of the actress portraying Power Woman in the future, and as for the actress who portrays Chaotica, she is truly the best villainess we’ve seen since Malicia. Hope we continue to see her in more and more videos. Again, absolutely fantastic video!!

      • So, make sure to use this very good talent more and please use his art and ready body in more videos in performing various fighting methods, especially his current and new stretching combos and submissions. Thank You


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