OUT NOW: Daring Vengeance at Action Cosplay!

OUT NOW at ActionCosplay.com – ‘Daring Vengeance’ sees a new Supremacy look to avenge Power-Woman and Astral Amazon after their heinous defeats and captures at the hands of Authoritarian. Will it be third time lucky for the heroines? Or will this new Supremacy ends up in a cage like her team mates? Find out now… CLICK HERE


  • The acting by both is really good. The freeze part reminded me of the Supergirl movie where Supergirl is trapped in the Phantom Zone crystal. Overall a great vid ! 🙂

  • Fantastic debut!! This new actress gave an amazing, gutsy performance, and the video was packed with tremendous action and great dialogue. The actress really sold her performance and absolutely rocked in the Supremacy costume. Hope we see much more of her in future videos. Overall, a fantastic job!

  • Say NGC, is Maria an American?
    If she isn’t, tell her an American was quite impressed with her “American Accent”. She’s REALLY got it down, pat. No “little slip ups” or nuthin’! (in past videos, every once in a while, I will catch a hint of an actresses real accent, while she’s doing an American accent).
    Great video, too. Loved the vocal exchanges and the fight scenes were perfect-o!
    Thanks for everyone involved for a superb introductory video for this actress.
    Can’t wait to see her next adventure!

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