OUT NOW: Deceptress v Nemesis

OUT NOW at http://ngcchampionship.com – The Deceptress comes to the ring very sure of herself, so the Announcer gives her an opponent she has no hope of beating; ‘Nemesis’! The battle degrades into a festival of embarrassing knockouts as the heroine is totally squashed by her mighty opponent. How bad does it get? BAD.


  • First, yes! Deceptress return! So good to see her back in action (well…knocked out mostly, but still). Second, Nemesis seriously made me smile. Him and the Announcer played well off of each other well and there’s something oddly endearing about a faceless and purely evil character.

    • She was part of the rescue, just hasn’t had her moment yet. Celestia has enacted a rule where only 1 heroine may leave Sanctuary at any one time to lower risk of losses. Of course, this makes missions harder as Sonica can attest.

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