OUT NOW: ‘Disaster Class’ starring Astral Amazon

OUT NOW at ActionCosplay.com – ‘Disaster Class’ sees Astral Amazon in her alter ego as a health and wellness practitioner visited by the nefarious Authoritarian. He’s either got a bad knee, OR he knows who she is and plans to crush her and make her into a mindless slave. Find out which HERE.


  • Lynda Danvers says:

    Great vid. Great new talent.

    There’s an element I’d love to see with an actress with beautiful long hair like this new brunette. Could we see a shot of a defeated heroine at the feet of a male villain while he holds her long hair in one hand, so his hand is quite a distance from her head? Her hands are resting in her lap and she looks upward towards him with a despairing expression?

  • This looks sickkkkkk!

    On another thought, I wonder if there would ever be a heroine who wears pantyhose on top of their leotards like some ballerinas do 🤔 I find that an extension of the leggings appeal

  • Awesome video, and another amazing debut. The new actress’s performance was fantastic throughout, handling both the acting and the action equally well. She looked stunning in both outfits (and the different hair and makeup for each look was a nice touch)
    I definitely hope we see a lot more of her in future 🙂

    Just like in his previous appearance in “Power”, I thought the Authoritarian made for a great adversary. And just like before, I absolutely loved that ending. I hope he returns, and his collection of heroines continues to grow 😆

    Awesome photo set too 🙂

  • First of all, as a former yoga instructor, I enthusiastically support the idea of a yogini-superheroine. Namaste! She reached savasana too early in this session, but I’m not complaining to be honest.
    Terrific to see her fight in her civilian gear (although the costume is stunning) and she seemed pretty formidable at first. Both performers met the high standard for fight choreography we’ve come to expect from NGC, although her struggling in the bearhugs was a bit unconvincing. In general her acting was pretty good, especially for a debut, and the passouts were nice. I especially appreciated the dialogue after Authoritarian had taken her powers. I love it when a villain openly gloats about their successful plan and the heroine admits defeat in some way.
    The rogue’s gallery in Action Cosplay is absolutely stellar and Authoritarian is the latest excellent addition. He’s very powerful, but also a planner, has resources, and a purpose that’s more than just the standard supervillain stuff.
    Thrilled to see new heroines like Miracle Chick and Astral Amazon added to the mix in AC, helping to balance the scale with all the terrific villain characters, but the endings recently seem pretty permanent. Authoritarian has Astral Amazon and Power Woman in chains, the latest Supremacy Alpha is a villain’s thrall, and Miracle Chick was just humbled by Chaotica. At least she didn’t end up captured. Likewise, Marvelette hasn’t seen much success and may be under the thumb of the mob (and Queenpin Chaotica) like her predecessor. No telling where any of the other Supremacies or Metro Girl is, but nowhere good I expect.
    I’d be shocked if we don’t see this costume again, but what will happen next? Will Authoritarian continue his reign of terror until all Federation heroines are his powerless prisoners? Are we heading for a reset of some kind in AC?

    • If it is easy to do, I might refer to previous episodes in AC for fun, but it doesn’t have an on-going story. It is mainly to debut new actresses without my having to get an expensive costume made and devise an NGC character only to find they don’t sell, or won’t make more, or aren’t very good.
      I’m determined to make every video worth buying, as far as I can. If I manage that, then it is a popularity contest from there. If you really like the look of this actress, but then don’t buy for whatever reason, its more likely you’ll not see her again.

  • -Enjoyed the debut performance, hopefully we can see more of her and this character (that costume is just too good for a one off).
    -Speaking of characters, one part of AC that really stands out is that these aren’t just knock offs of famous superheroes, but are their own unique entities. I feel like it really does make a difference regarding my enjoyment.
    -Authoritarian makes for a great villain. He’s really got this menace to him that comes across well.
    -I thought I had another point, but I guess not?

  • There’s something very funny to me about a yoga instructor violently stomping on their client’s supposedly bad knee.

    Seems like a bad practice.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Quick, someone sign this actress up for a three year contract ASAP! If Action Cosplay is the proving ground for new talent then this actress has earned her spot in the main cast for years to come. I’m not one to fall for the shine and glitter of new girls (still watching Spectrum, Comet Girl and Sonica after all these years) and I’ve made my opinions known about how I feel about this current crop of actresses. So when I say this ranks as a top 3 debut performance in NGC history in my opinion, you can take that to the bank.

    Like so many have noted, this actress is an amazing performer. Sells peril extremely well and fights with a ferocity that makes her feel like an actual super heroine and not just a girl in costume. Is she perfect? No. But that’s to be expected for someone’s first time in front of the camera in this genre and quite frankly, even THAT is better than 90% of cast today (I’m making no secret of the fact that I’m really not digging this current crop of NGC actresses).

    Also, what a beauty she is! Good lord. Why is she so stunning?! It honestly doesn’t seem real looking at her at times when she transformed into Astral Amazon. I would be hard pressed to find another actress who looks every bit of beautiful as she is. She may have been mesmerized in that ending scene (god that was awesome) but little did she know that she was mesmerizing me with her looks as well.

    It’s such a shame that this is an Action Cosplay debut so if she does make onto the main stage (and she should!), she’ll have to do this all over again with a new character and try to make that character every bit as fierce, stunning and impressive as her Astral Amazon one. No doubt she has the talent to do so. And she should continue to reprise her role as the Amazon warrioress for the futue. But time will tell . For now, I’m loving her.

      • Don’t mind Darkwrath. I’ve noticed previously that he has a way of complimenting someone that instead insults everyone else.
        He’s entitled to his opinion, of course, so I try not to let it bother me 🙂

          • Sorry. I may have got you mixed up with another member, who only likes three of the current cast, and puts the rest of them down. If so, I apologize

  • Overall it was good. Would have liked to see more fighting from her in her costume to see more of her fighting skills and to see what type of powers she has 🙂

  • Another in a long line of great videos with an impressive debut of a new actress in a stunning costume. I loved her performance, loved the fight choreography, and really enjoyed the heroine’s humiliation in defeat. I really hope we see more of both the actress and the character, and I look forward to the next video release.

  • Everyone has said a bunch of how good this video is, which I mostly agree with, so I just wanted to point out something that made me laugh.

    The first time Astral says “Authoritarian”, I misheard it as if she was saying in Cartman’s tone, “Authoritaaaaaah” (respect my authoritaaaaah)

  • Just bought the vid and wanted to leave some feedback. Of course, as usual, take all of our feedback with a grain of salt since we all have very different tastes when it comes to this stuff.

    Anyway, the new actress does some really nice stuff. The main thing that jumped out to me from even just the preview pics were the eyerolls. I don’t think we have had an actress that can pull those off this well since Bluebird. So it’s been a while. My only fear in this regard is that she will only use eyerolling for “poison” type of scenarios (chloro, gas, etc) and won’t ever use them when selling something more physical like a sleeper hold. Miss Freedom comes to mind in this regard. Amazing at eyerolls….but has only used them twice in her entire NGC career, lol.

    Another thing she does great is how she sells the KO/limp aspect. Probably not quite on the level of Lady X or Miss Freedom, but she is almost right there. The best part of the vid for me was how she sold the KO after the backbreaker. The way she rolled over into that supine pose was perfection. Only problem? Unlike everyone else, I am NOT a fan of the yoga outfit, lol. Boots are my favorite part of an outfit and the main reason I am buying Superheroine stuff. So the KO pose was perfect, but it was just in the wrong outfit. Still a great scene, regardless.

    My main gripe…and the thing that might make me avoid future vids with this and other actresses, are the way she vocally sells the choke-type moves and also the body blows. Most people probably don’t even give a flying hoot about this, but it’s my biggest pet peeve. In this vid, there were about 3 choke moves, I think? The arm self-choke, the throat lift and the sleeper hold, I believe? Also, several body blows.

    I prefer when the actress sells body blows as if she is gasping for air or struggling to breathe. It should be a different sound to just a normal face punch and it should get progressively worse the more she is attacked in that area.

    For chokes…well, I want it to sound like she is choking, lol. Gurgles, gasps, etc. Bluebird, Angel, Erica (sometimes), Ubiquity are all examples of actresses who you would be able to tell were selling a choke move without even looking at the screen. The Astral Amazon actress actually didn’t do terrible in this regard, but still not really what I personally prefer.

    That’s about it. Like I said, take all of the above with a grain of salt. We all like different stuff, but I just wanted to leave some feedback about how I personally felt about the new actress. Good start with hopefully some even better performances ahead. Interested to see what her NGC outfit is…unless it’s Yoga Girl, then I am definitely OUT, lol.

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