• Excellent!!!
    The Astral Amazon actress is a sensational addition to the NGC family, and it’s a pleasure to see her in action again (as well as getting two amazing photo-sets with her in the same week 🙂 ). The action was fantastic throughout, with even a little bit of “Danger Room” style fun thrown in at the beginning, before the depowered heroine gets thrown into one heck of a beatdown.
    Astral Amazon is amazing, and I can’t wait to see more of her, and hopefully on the NGC side too.
    The other actor is a great addition to the cast, too, as a top-notch adversary both as Damian, and elsewhere as the Authoritarian. It would be great to see him tackle a few more of the NGC heroines

  • Strange comment, but the fight scene felt weird without any music. Not sure if this was done on purpose or not. Either way, hope we see more of this actress ! 🙂

    • I feel like whenever NGC releases a video without music, it’s when the acting is really, really good. In some way, it actually adds to the peril, making it feel as if there’s no one or background music to save her.

  • Another stellar outing for Astral Amazon and the actress portraying her. Great acting, tremendous fight choreography, and the usual fantastic camerawork. An amazing job all around, and like others, I hope the actress has earned a spot in the permanent rotation of NGC Superheroines.

    • Thanks for the kind words, we’re pleased so far, but sales are important in keeping someone in rotation. I will admit that is up to us to put them in an engaging scenario too. I need to make sure that people don’t feel they can miss a release.

  • Given the unpredictable availability of actresses, I hope you guys can make use of this extraordinary performer as much as possible while she’s available. Beauty, talent and an impressive ability in both action and vocals to convey peril. What a find!

  • I’m loving her so much, she’s getting hotter and then loud noise and then gamma, she’s so hot and kawaii when she’s like this even unconscious as well, I really wanna see more of her please? And maybe if I wanna see her freeze on ice or shiver in cold air for her weaknesses? 🙂

  • At first , I kind of thought the lack of background music was off-putting. I always think that soundtrack music is one of the factors that sets NGC apart from many independent producers….it says, “yes, I have put in the extra work in the editing suite, I have a story to tell, and I will use the soundtrack as part of a method to tell that story”….the use of sound , here, for example, is quite advanced…the pulsing noise of the first trap, the digital knob being adjusted for the ‘rising temperature’ trap, etc. I think, in the end, the lack of soundtrack music works, though…it is indeed a dark tale, and the emphasis on Astral Amazon’s growing desperation as her predicament becomes clearer would have been ruined by excessive music. Also, the young lady playing Astral Amazon has a very expressive face…and is generally easy on the eyes, if you can still say that…and doesn’t overdo her reactions. A job quite well done!

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