OUT NOW – Kandy Crisis: One Life Left

OUT NOW at http://kandycrisis.com – Agent Arya gets revived after her terrible defeat at the hands of two rogue clones in ‘Love Kills’. Her revival is conditional on her impressing in a final training session against two suspiciously similar looking men who on one hand appear to want her to do well, while on the other revel in her pain. She must show that she has learned how to fight in a 2 v 1 situation, and they work on increasing her stamina in a boxing bout where her opponents get to rest, but she does not. Suffering a brutal and unnecessary KO. Things then take a dark turn as she wakes bound and bootless for a final round of brutality. With only her kicks to save her, can Arya prove she has what it takes to earn her full revival? Or are her trainers really captors who are getting enjoyment from their control over her? Find out now…

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