OUT NOW: Killing Monsters!

OUT NOW at ActionCosplay.com – ‘Killing Monsters’ sees a new heroine called the Silver Bullet taking on the nefarious might of the New Power Generation. Her timing isn’t the best however, as they’ve just acquired access to the Heroine Crusher, for a lady without strength powers, this is going to be very, very, tough.

Get it now at http://actioncosplay.com


  • Awesome video, and an amazing debut from Silver Bullet (and what an entrance she makes in the video!) I love the character concept, and the actress does a great job on both the action and the acting… as well as looking fab in that costume! (get the photo set for more proof)
    When you announced you were trying out lots of new ActionCosplay actresses/characters, I was really hoping there’d be a Black Widow type among them… and Silver Bullet ticks all the boxes perfectly.
    I definitely want to see more of her!

    • I’m very pleased that people seemed to enjoy this so much. She did a lot of the right things very naturally, and I enjoyed working with her.

    • Likewise, I’m very happy to see a new heroine along this line, and the actress is immediately on the right page. The winning streak in casting continues.

  • At the risk of being too picky & getting tarred & feathered, I thought that the buckles on Silver Bullet’s boots didn’t fit. Maybe it stood out as all of the other superheroines don’t have buckles on their boots. Everything else including the actress was great though 🙂

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