OUT NOW: Lady X v Killscape

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  • Some observations:

    -Was that some new music during the first part of the fight? I was digging it!
    -Lady X is tremendous. Hot take, I know.
    -Expanding on that a little, and this may sound strange, but my favorite part was her interaction with Killscape and the Announcer in the beginning. You got a sense of helplessness and danger from just dialogue alone. Well done!
    -And she does an amazing job of acting out agony as well. There were a couple of moments where I thought she was seconds away from breaking down into tears. If NGC is truly moving into a darker period for our heroines, she is sure to stand out even more so than usual.
    -Between this and last weeks Danger Room, I anxiously await the day Killscape’s sham is exposed and his house of cards comes falling down. That and the aftermath would create some pretty compelling scenarios.
    -Finally, though I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Championship, I was really impressed with this episode. The fact that there was something at stake here really helped for me. The only thing I would have like to have seen is Lady X waking up at the end and realizing what fate has now befallen her. But that feels a little nitpicky on my part.

  • Holy smokes! Absolutely incredible!!
    Lady X delivers yet another stellar performance (she never does anything less). Both her acting and action skills were tremendous throughout. The fight choreography was fast-past and with lots of variety. And there was just something about the shots of her long hair spread out wide over the floor of the ring…
    There were also some intriguing hints about life as a Guardian Angel.
    Overall, and amazing video, and a gorgeous and action packed accompanying photo-set.
    I’m already counting this alongside my favourite championship vids 🙂

  • Wow that was fantastic. Lady X hits hard! But there’s also nothing quite like her being pummeled in the abs and thankfully there’s quite a bit of that here! I would love to see her go up against some of the stronger heroines in the ring, like Wonderstrike, Majesty, and Captain Liberty.

  • Yeah, this was really good. I agree with others here who have noted that this is a really strong Championship entry, and the interactions between Killscape and Lady X contribute a lot to its success apart from the action. The action is terrific, though, and Lady X is an amazing performer.
    Call me weird, but I’m also intrigued by Killscape’s new role as an investor in the Championship. He may be an ex-Mayor, but his acumen as a media mogul and cult leader demonstrate that he’s still got what it takes to be a politician. We’ve seen a couple other Guardians in the Championship before (Shining Spirit and Patriot-Girl), I wonder if they’ll also have to face the boss in the ring? Maybe Patriot-Girl will see the Danger Room? Frankly, I’d love to see her again in any capacity, it’s been far too long.

  • Wow, what an amazing video and photoset! I’ve been posting positive comments about Lady X since she joined the NGC rotation, but I have to say that this Championship entry has. Demented her in my mind as one of the best NGC heroines. She has it all: grace, beauty, athleticism, and tremendous acting talents. Her ability to show such a wide range of emotions and stellar fighting moves is about the best I have ever seen in a heroine peril movie. The whole production was fantastic, with great dialogue and intense action, but, as always, Lady X is simply mesmerizing and is in a class all by herself. Fantastic video, and many thanks to all involved. Please, please, do not let this actress leave any time soon.

  • This is another outstanding performance by the actress known here as Lady X. Her walk to the ring, and her step over the ropes, are enough by themselves to make this video worth watching. It is hard to imagine anyone doing it better. Her entry into the ring also makes a nice contrast with her exit at the end, after the grueling pounding she endures during the course o the match. As others have already noted the high quality of her acting and stunt work, I will leave off a description of that, save to mention that her performance is up to the high standards which we have come to expect from a Lady X video. I hope she stays with NGC for a while.

  • I don’t know if we’ve received any better praise for a video and a performance than this one. Maybe a few similar, but it seems like you really enjoyed it. We’re delighted to be working with her, she knows exactly what is needed. Hopefully there will be many more.

  • Instant purchase. When I saw the shot of her tangled in the ropes I thought ‘at last this is the lady X film I’ve been waiting for’. It’s been a bit frustrating over the last few years when there have been actresses who are 10/10 perfect but they don’t quite make (for me) a classic episode. Angel, Celestia and Starshot made classic episodes but there are others who were just as amazing and talented but where it didn’t seem to click for me, maybe because the character / costume / genre didn’t work for them. I was worried Lady X would fall into that category, but nope, she has smashed it here! If you are on the fence about this, don’t hesitate, its CVC time! My only quibbles would be (1) I think she looks even better in the white costume and (2) there were several moments that were crying out to be filmed from the back rather than the front. Over all this is in the Celestia zone!

  • It´s so nice seeing so many people praising a video. Even for those who are sidelined/didn´t buy there´s no better publicity than that!

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