OUT NOW: Majesty v Requiem!

OUT NOW at NGCChampionship.com – ‘Majesty v Requiem’ gives us a big size difference, but a very determined and strong superheroine to root for… Only trouble is, the villainess is more than prepared to cheat! See all the action NOW!


  • Awesome video. Really great action, and excellent performances from all involved. There was plenty of the side of Majesty that I really love (just as Requiem describes her: haughty) and she plays it so well.

  • Majesty is the best! I’d love to see her take on Miss Freedom or maybe Pandora Gold with her new strength-enhancing device!

  • I don’t get it: why are always the villains who get more facepunched rather than the heroines? I think it should be the opposite, the heroines should suffer more hits, especially face hits, than the villains. It’s more appealing that way.

    • Yeah, you mention this quite a lot. We give absolutely zero thought to this aspect. We work out the fight as we go and have no problem with anyone being hit in the face. If you want a face punch heavy fight where we pay special attention to it, then that is what customs are for.

      • I hear you. Thanks for your words.
        Speaking of customs, i am making long term plans to eventually order a custom from you, but it takes time for me, money and savings doesn’t came easy for me.
        I’d love to have a relationship with your fine studio in the business of ordering a custom video, but sadly for me i have to wait a little further. The problem of not having being born into wealth!

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