OUT NOW: Miss Freedom v Dr Progress

OUT NOW at NGCChampionship.com – Miss Freedom tries to escape the Championship by double-crossing the Announcer, but when her plan backfires she is put in the ultimate squash match against Dr Progress, where HE decides when it ends. Miss Freedom has had some disastrous times in the ring before now, but could this be the worst?!

All the action is available NOW at http://ngcchampionship.com


  • It would be funny if Malicia could be a guest referee in a future Championship episode where she helps the villain(s) win and taunts and makes fun of the superheroine(s) losing 🙂

  • Awesome video, with fantastic performances from all involved. The escape attempt in the middle was a nice touch, making it different from other Championship vids, and giving a glimpse of the story behind the battles.
    And a wonderful accompanying photoset to go with it, that everyone should definitely get too

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