OUT NOW: Patriot-Girl & Ubiquity v Lady Nemesis

Out NOW at NGCChampionship.com – Patriot-Girl and Ubiquity are both given the hardest Championship debuts imaginable as they take on the ruthless cruelty of Lady Nemesis. It will take first class teamwork to give them any hope in this battle, and it appears to be in short supply! See all of the action NOW!


  • This reminded me of the one where Spectrum and Majesty took on Nemesis on one of Majesty’s first (if not her first) appearances. And not just because Ubiquity borrowed Spectrums championship hair. Patriot Girl is an interesting take here, the character reminds me of early Miss Freedom, but dialed up even moreso. And intriguing that she got in some good shots on Lady Nemesis.

    Final thought: Poor Ubiquity!

  • Lady Nemesis should change her name to The Wraith. She was having way too much fun trying to spook and psych-out Patriot Girl and Ubiquity before the match !

  • Wow just got a chance to watch this.

    Must say this is one of the most wonderful championship match.

    What a brilliant intro to Patriot Girl. Her acting is top notch. I believe in her dishonesty so much. What a beautiful contrast to Ubiquity’s integrity.

    Also I love Ubiquity’s vocal performance here. The only wish I have is that Patriot Girl can match her teammate’s vocal performance.

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