OUT NOW: Patriot-Girl v Arantxa Luner!

OUT NOW at NGCChampionship.com – Patriot-Girl and Arantxa Luner go hard at each other, with Arantxa closing the strength gap with a nasty weakening spray to take down the heroine. It’s going to need a heavy dose though as this is a 10-count KO battle, and despite being continually KO’d to the canvas, Patriot-Girl keeps getting up! Who will score the victory? Find out HERE


  • Excellent video 🙂
    Once again, Patriot-Girl is a lot of fun to watch. I love the way she plays the character’s arrogance. During the first part of the video, I loved how Patriot-Girl was clearly enjoying the fight, and seemed to be toying with Arantxa. Of course, that was before the tables turned.
    The action was awesome, and the performances were great from all three. I loved the banter between Arantxa and the Announcer, who was a lot of fun as always.

    Talking of the Announcer, I loved the photo-set with him taking on Patriot-Girl. I always enjoy it when he gets in on the action.

  • Patriot-Girl has won me over in near-record time. She first appeared in photosets, and I wasn’t sure a new Miss Freedom was all that interesting (I didn’t go for Miss Freedom at first either!) Her first video in the Championship with Ubiquity and Lady Nemesis was very impressive, though, and subsequent appearances (Malicia’s Revenge, Seeing Double, Operation Strikeback) demonstrate that she’s a lot more than a Miss Freedom wannabe. I can understand not wanting to overplay the parallels between the two, but seems like PG would do nicely at the “reverse bearhug passout” defeat that was MF’s specialty.
    This week’s video offers an excellent showcase for her coltish exuberance and casual arrogance. She’s also a terrific actress, especially with peril and distress. I like that Patriot-Girl hasn’t shown any obvious weaknesses, exactly. Her opponents have succeeded against her primarily by heavily powering up or bringing her power down (as in this fight.) Since she’s highly resistant to mind powers, magic, and even drugs (although she succumbed very nicely to Malicia’s special toxin-laced cloth in Strikeback) villains will have to get creative to mess with her.
    Arantxa is very good here as well. There’s a touch of anxiousness in her desperate pleading for complements from the Announcer (of all people) that she’s better than Patriot-Girl. Appropriate for someone whose boasts and credits focus a lot on her family name.

  • Considering Patriot Girl is basically a new iteration of the MIss Freedom/Supergirl archetype, will she get a fantastic catsuit costume like Miss Freedom had? ^^

  • I give credit to Patriot Girl for hanging in there for so long. It took 3 sprays for Anantxa to finally beat her . For once, Patriot Girl should have listened to what the Announcer was saying 🙂

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