OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

OUT NOW for Members – Photo Set Tuesday! Miracle Bella gets a baptism of fire against Cyber-Duke, Shining Spirit dressed as Angel gets devilish treatment from Lady Nemesis, Captain Victory looks anything but victorious against Nemesis, and we’ve got Miss Freedom and Virtue taking on each other AND Qaran Casus from our heritage set. You already have your emails, so now is a good time to open them!


  • Captain Liberty’s ability to get me to buy an unlimited number of photosets is something that should be investigated by relevant authorities.

    • I think my love affair with Bella is well documented by now, but I have to say, you guys hit another home run with her.
      Of the three that have been released, I feel this one’s the best so far.
      It appears Bella was having a blast playing Miracle Maiden for this shoot. She seemed to really embrace the character and it shows in the pictures.
      I was left with absolutely no doubt that Bella is, indeed, Miracle Maiden.
      Many thanks to NGC for booking another session with her.
      Look forward to seeing many more (and I’m still holding hope that some day she’ll have a change of heart and decide to do a video, or 10 =) ).

      • I did ask, but she’s got a very full plate with dancing and modelling, she actually said she didn’t want to act. Fair enough. I’ll happily do more photo stuff with her though.

  • Amazing sets once again 🙂
    Beautiful set with Shining Spirit, looking suitably angelic for the role.
    Great to see another set with Bella, and she definitely suits the Miracle maiden costume. Some really great action against the Cyber-Duke (his mask looks awesome, btw)
    Of course, anything with Captain Liberty is a guaranteed hit with me, and this one was no exception.
    Lovely to see some early Miss Freedom and Virtue too, that I wasn’t here to see the first time round.

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