OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

Members, check your inboxes! Photo Set Tuesday has returned and you should already have received your emails. We’ve got Miss Freedom taking on Lady Nemesis (with some great solo posing thrown in), Candy in her original costume against Dr Progress and a Darkheart, while Princess dons the Shadowstar costume in an attempt to drain Killscape that proves ill-fated! In addition, our heritage set is from season 3’s ‘Warpath’ where Bluebird began to turn against her team-mates, starting with Celestia. This set is evenly split between them of posed solo pictures. A lovely bunch of photo sets I’m sure you’ll agree!


  • 4 more awesome sets for the collection 🙂
    Princess totally rocks the Shadowstar costume, and has a nice action scene with Killscape. Her punches seem to be hurting herself more than him 😀

    Wonderful set with Candy. Lots of fun action, particularly Dr Progress chewing the scenery (even without there being any scenery 😉 ). I was so happy when you mentioned the other day that these where new sets with Candy. I’d just been thinking they were old ones you hadn’t gotten around to releasing yet. I’m overjoyed you’ve found a way to keep working together, Especially when she’s so amazing at doing these photo sets.

    Gorgeous set with Miss Freedom. Seriously, those posed shots at the start: Wow! Really great fight with Lady Nemesis too (and good to see Miss Freedom knock her down a bit too) This may be one of my favourite Miss Freedom sets 🙂

    And a wonderful old set with Bluebird and Celestia, both looking lovely with their season 3 hair (there’s just something about that Season 3 hair 😆 )

    Thanks for another awesome photo set Tuesday

  • Just noticed that the Miss Freedom set has an extra picture ( pic199 (CQ5A3899) ) which is blank. I’m blaming this on Malicia still trying to torment Miss Freedom 🙂

  • The Miss Freedom set checks off every box for her fans, wow. Now I’m sure a bunch of us are crossing our fingers to see her hypnotized and chained up more in 2023 lol!

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