OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

Out NOW for Members who open their emails…. Another wonderful serving of Photo Set Magic! Lady X in the Starshot costume gets taught a nasty lesson by her boss, Ex-Mayor Killscape, Marvelette and Chaotica duke it out over a chunk of Redstone, ‘Superstrike’ gets double-teamed and defeated by green rock, and of course, some classic solo Miss Freedom. All good, open your email!


  • Another awesome photo-set Tuesday (I always say that… but it’s always true)

    Lovely to see Lady X in the Starshot costume again. That’s how we first saw her, and since then she’s quickly become one of my firm favourites. Great action, and as ever, I love how expressive she is when she does photo-sets.
    From one awesome 2022 casting, to two others. The Marvelette and Chaotica set was very fun! Marvelette looks gorgeous in the posed shots, and Chaotica chews the scenery to rival Dr Progress 😆
    Another amazing set with Superstrike, and just like her recent videos, I think the actress is at the top of her game right now. And that’s the biggest whooping I think I’ve ever seen anyone give Nemesis… well, until the rock came out 😉
    And a gorgeous vintage Miss Freedom set, looking 100% iconic.

    ’til next time 🙂

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