OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday

Yes it is that time again! Your fortnightly fix of superheroic stills! Wonderstrike & Aurora get KO’d by Killscape! Lady X as Shadow X under-estimates a redstone wielding Darkheart! Marvelette ends up in merciless peril at the hands of Nemesis! And we dig into the archive for some classic Bluebird, alongside her SG costume escapades! Make sure to open your Member email now if you want these!


  • Another awesome photo-set Tuesday 🙂
    Amazing set with Wonderstrike and Aurora. Oooh wow, Aurora looking spectacular in that Starlight costume again! And Wonderstrike as wonderful as ever. Really great action, complete with chloro and gas, a whole lot of fun.
    Fantastic set with Lady X. She always has a great way of injecting a ton of personality into her photos. Not to mention looking gorgeous in the Shadowstar costume.
    Always a pleasure to see more Candy/Marvelette. Lovely set. The body-control aspect was nicely played, and the ending with chains and dynamite was a lot of fun. Her wide-eyed reactions were perfect throughout.
    And a gorgeous and glamorous heritage set with Bluebird. The addition of the SG costume was a nice bonus.

  • Japanese chloro says:

    ASTONISHING!! If remember correctly, this is the first time to see wonderstrike’s chloro scene twice in a single photoset. (correct me if i’m wrong, please)
    That was pretty mind blowing, including her beautiful eye roll.

    If you release some video versions of it, I would definitely buy. If you need a budget, I’ll support.

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