OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday

OUT NOW so open your inboxes if you haven’t already! WW gets embarrassed by Feline Fury, Patriot-Girl & Wonderstrike really don’t get on, Lightstalker ends up in a bind, and we’ve got Miss Freedom, Comet Girl, and Harbinger all in one heritage set! Open your emails!



  • Lightstalker sure seems to have more Photo Sets than Videos, are any of her past photo Sets going to be created into any kind of Video Series ?
    and of Course Celestia Looks Fanatastic in the WW Outfit 🙂

  • Awesome sets!
    Once again, Celestia looks stunning in that shiny WW costume. It may not be practical to film in, but I’m happy we get to see her in it in photo-sets again. Lots of lovely Feline Fury in here too, and a lot of fun action.
    Great set with Patriot-Girl and Wonderstrike. Patriot-Girl looking so iconic n the solo shots. And I always loved Wonderstrike in that outfit she wore in “Villain’s Accomplice”, so it was great to see her in a similar look again here. I loved the way the fight ended 😆
    Awesome to get some more Lightstalker, and what better than to see her ensnared by Snare. Lots of good stuff here.
    Another wonderful heritage set. Lots of lovely Comet Girl (that smile! 🙂 ) and maybe some of the most gorgeous Miss Freedom pictures I’ve seen (and a contender for the “comfy chair” series). Nice to see the villains get a bit of the spotlight too 🙂

    Another excellent photo-set Tuesday.

  • The 4 sets were great ! Feline Fury putting Wonder Celestia in restraints, Snare roping up Lightstalker, Patriot-Girl and Wonderstrike butting heads, and Comet Girl, Miss Freedom and others made for another round of great pics ! 🙂

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