Out Now!! Photo Set Tuesday!

Out NOW for Members! Photo Set Tuesday has returned! Miss Freedom tries to battle a ruthless Sister Fate while wearing the Spectrum costume! Miracle Maiden meets her match, Lady X struggles with the Crazed Convict, and Nemesis gets Marvelette out of her chair! 4 NEW sets! Open your email!


  • 4 great sets! 🙂
    An awesome debut from new model Ali. She looks wonderful and suitably Amazon-like in the Miracle Maiden suit. She handles both the posed action and the expressive facial expressions superbly. I look forward to seeing more from her. 🙂
    Gorgeous set with Marvelette. I’d been eager to see this set after you posted some photos from it recently. Awesome action, and Oh My, those comfy chair shots! 😮
    Talking of the comfy chair, Holy Moley, Miss Freedom gets in on the action too. Wowza! And some amazing action, as Sister Fate stretches and twists Miss Freedom into various camera pleasing shapes 😆
    I’ve totally fallen for Lady X, and this is another excellent outing for her. Gorgeous posed shots (especially those ones of her bending over, pulling up her boots! 😀 Wow!) and great action with the creepy bad guy.

    Thanks for another amazing photo-set Tuesday 🙂

    • Thanks for the support! Yes I think there’s some really lovely things about all 4 sets. Of course I would say that!

  • The 4 sets were great ! There was 1 rookie (Ali), 2 legends ( Miss Freedom, Candy ) and Lady X , a current favorite. Lady X looked great in the collar-belt arm restraints ! 🙂

  • We need more costumes with boob windows like the costume Lady X is wearing here (Power Girl) and Spectrum´s. With some moves we get some amazing views that can´t be matched!º

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