OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

Your fortnightly fix of stills is back! Super-Majesty takes on the Crazed Convict, and his sleepy gas! Shining Spirit in the dark Bluebird costume fights Nemesis (always a bad idea). Wonderstrike as Marvelette gets double-teamed by Alaric and a henchman, and of course we have some wonderful classic Miss Freedom shots from 2015. Open your emails for full access!


  • All 4 sets were great ! My favorite was Marvelstrike in the leather collar-belt-arm restraints ! There are some really good pics from the back showing how the belt and buckles all connect to make it really hard to get out of 🙂

  • 4 awesome sets!
    Super-Majesty was great fun, with her doing some nice “woozy” acting, and almost getting bent into a pretzel at one point. I’ll also highlight a few lovely shots in there where she’s beaming a huge smile. Always nice to see 🙂
    Amazing action, naturally, with Shining Spirit in the Bluebird suit, and some gorgeous posed shots.
    Wonderstrike really suits that Marvelette suit! (and those restraints too 😆 )
    And Wow! Some of the most beautiful Miss Freedom photos I’ve seen! 😮

    Thanks for another wonderful photo-set Tuesday

  • The Marvelstrike set is ridiculous!!! I can tell she’s definitely sweating throughout the shoot. Always love when it feels like the heroine is getting into trouble…

  • Honestly every girl looks fantastic! But Shinning Spirit and Wonderstrike look particularly good in those costumes!! And damn I may not be a leotard fan but those pantyhoises shine really adds to the costumes!

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