OUT NOW: Photo Set Tuesday!

OUT NOW for Members… Photo Set Tuesday is in your email inbox! Majesty in the Red Glory costume gets squashed by Nemesis! Shining Spirit in the Comet Girl costume gets several nasty surprises courtesy of the Anvil! Wonderstrike’s battle against Alaric and Requiem goes badly wrong! AND we’ve got a posed set including Celestia, Athena, and Harbinger! Open those emails!


  • Poor Majesty! She was doing so well for a bit. Shining Spirit looks amazing in everything. And just when I thought I had enough Wonderstrike photosets… wait, I never think that.

  • The Majestic Glory, Shiny Comet (Chloro/restraints), Wonderstrike and Celestia / Athena sets were all great ! 🙂

  • Great sets once again.
    The Majesty set was so much fun. Wonderful action (and restraints) with a glowing Shining Spirit. You’re really going to have to find some excuse to put Majesty and Shining Spirit in those costumes for a video, even if only briefly.
    Great action with Wonderstrike…. and two pictures where she turned the adorable cuteness up to 11!
    And a gorgeous set with Celestia and Athena. Wow!

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